Using tile patterns to create unique tile designs

There are many great flooring options out there; however, few match the versatility offered by tile. Tile comes in many different textures, colors and shapes. It can single handedly put your bathroom, kitchen, or swimming pool over the top from a design perspective. Take advantage of tile’s versatility by considering the following tile patterns to create unforgettable, impressionable tile designs.

Add a personal touch with a mosaic design

tile designs
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A mosaic design is perfect for adding your personal touch to a specific area. Mosaics can be created as a pattern or as an image. The sky is the limit with this design as professional installers can essentially create any look just by compiling tiles. Fujiwa Tiles offers a multitude of mosaic designs. They are designed most notably for swimming pools; however, they can look great in bathroom showers as well.

Entrance visitors with a basketweave design

Choosing just two shapes and two colors can lead to an intriguing basket weave design. For example, dark gray squares mixed in with beige rectangles. A smaller square tile can border a larger rectangle at one of its corners. The pattern repeated will illustrate a tile design in the form of a basketweave. No one color is overwhelming or overlooked. Rather, you will have the perfect, cohesive design.

Make use of contrasting shapes

Single color, or monochromatic designs can be effective; though, it’s best to differentiate the look in some way. Mixing shapes would be wise. Take your bathroom shower as an example. What if you installed square tiles on the two narrow walls and diamond tiles on the wide wall? Or, you can use the same shape, but change the sizing. Small, 1-inch by 1-inch squares on the narrow walls alongside large, 6-inch by 6-inch squares on the wide wall can create a soothing appeal. Same-shape designs can ease the installation process as well.

Different shades of a shape or shapes can go a long way

Speaking of soothing looks, how about a color blend of the same shape? You’d want to stick with the same monochromatic idea, but blending similar colored tiles into one space can create an effortless design. Take different shades of gray or beige rectangular-shaped tiles and assort them in herringbone or plank design forms. This is an impactful look for shape combinations as well, perhaps mixing different shades of triangle and hexagon tiles.

Sometimes all it takes is a standout tile border

tile designs
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A tile border can make a world of a difference within your overall Dallas, TX tile design. Imagine a traditional porcelain square tile design, but in the middle of the floor is a rectangular border. The border can surround a more advanced design, such as the aforementioned herringbone type. As long as the border contrasts the colors surrounding it and within it, you will have yourself a standout look, based solely on a thin bordering line.

Plank tile flooring?

Plank tile is essentially creating a similar appearance of a hardwood floor, only with tile. This design works well with all sorts of tile types, whether it be porcelain, ceramic, stone or even brick. Wide planks are best; the wider the plank, the larger the particular area of the home will appear. Just be sure the “planks” stagger, just like a traditional hardwood floor.

These are only six of the countless ways you can create unique tile designs. Don’t be fooled; you don’t have to resort to the pedestrian square tile design throughout. Tile offers so much more! You Can have fun with pool tile designs, enhance the appeal of your tiny Dallas, TX bathrooms with bathroom tile designs, or modernize and advance your kitchen with a kitchen tile design.

Whatever tile design you decide on, give Fujiwa Tiles a call visit one of our showroom locations. We have hundreds of tile options always in stock. Our goal is to turn your envisioned tile design into a reality. Please visit our website——and our blog for additional tile input.

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