How Long Do Fiberglass Pools Last?

The durability of fiberglass pools If you are trying to decide on a swimming pool type and fiberglass is in the running, there is one standout quality you should be aware of. Fiberglass pools last practically FOREVER. Realistically speaking, a properly installed and...

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What are the best fiberglass pool shapes?

Best fiberglass pool shapes So, you’ve decided to get a fiberglass pool. One big decision has been made, now you just have to decide which type of fiberglass pool to get. Fiberglass pool shapes include freeform, kidney, rectangular, and roman. We’ll explain the...

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Should I Get a Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

Fiberglass swimming pool If you’re interested in a swimming pool then you’ll have three types to choose from: fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner. Each gives reason to purchase and install; however, fiberglass might just edge the other two in overall comparison....

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Coolest Pool Tile Options for 2018

Cool Pool Tile Options Summer is just about here! Actually, spring temperatures are already hot enough in Texas to call for a swim. Make sure your swimming pool is ready for visitors by giving it an awesome look. How, you ask? By installing cool looking pool tile....

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How much does a one-piece fiberglass pool cost?

Any swimming pool type is going to vary in pricing depending on the elected manufacturer. Plus, there are plenty of add-on purchases that can influence pricing depending on the buyer. With that said, the goal here is to give you an idea as to the cost of a one-piece...

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What is a Swimming Pool Skimmer Used For?

Swimming pool skimmer Swimming pools are perfect fun for kids and a great place of leisure for adults. However, they can be a bare to maintain. Modern pool technology has eased the maintenance process, requiring less action for pool owners. One major contributor to a...

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