Beautifully designed tile in the bathroom can transform it from a rather humdrum space to a real showcase. The good thing about an eye-catching and elegant tile pattern is that it does not have to be expensive. Our porcelain tiles at Fujiwa Tiles come in such a wealth of colors, patterns and textures that there’s bound to be one that’s just the thing for our customer’s dream bathroom. Read about some ideas for using bathroom tile patterns from our professionals.

First, About Porcelain Tile
bathroom tile patterns
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Porcelain tile is made out of clay that contains more of a substance called kaolin than other types of clay. These tiles are fired at high temperatures, and when they are ready to use, they are very hard and waterproof. The customer never has to worry about the colors fading because they are baked in. Because they’re waterproof, porcelain tiles don’t need to be sealed and are easy to clean. Tiles can be bought individually or as mosaic tiles, which are small tiles attached to sheets that are easy to install.

Random Tile

One interesting look is to have the tile cut to different sizes before it is installed on the walls or the floor. This gives the tile the look of a stone wall. The tiles can be of one color or of a mix of colors. Some people use tiles that are shades of the same hue such as blue or gray. Others use tiles that are a mix of earth tones. Some homeowners cover all the walls in the bathroom with random bathroom tile patterns, including niches and benches in the shower enclosure. This gives the room a seamless look.

Bathroom Tile Patterns With Different Textures

Bathroom wall tiles can also be about the same size and nearly the same color but have different textures. One group of tiles can be smooth and glossy while another set are rough. These tiles are best if they are randomly installed. It’ll get boring if it’s one smooth tile next to a rough tile next to a smooth tile all over the entire wall.

Subway Tiles

These are glossy tiles, traditionally 3 inches wide and 6 inches long, that are inspired by the tiles used in subway stations in New York City. They are traditionally white, but they now come in different colors as well as different sizes. They are excellent in a shower stall in a bathroom whose decor is a bit busy, as they add an area of calm.

Tiles for Backsplashes

Bright blue tiles over a black or white sink make an interesting contrast as does a backsplash of neutral tile enliven by the addition of a tile or two of bold color. These bathroom tile patterns can be repeated on the floor and maybe a wall of the shower stall. A tan and beige backsplash goes well with a vessel sink that contains the same colors. The same colored tiles can be used for one or two walls of the shower enclosure. The remaining shower wall tiled in navy blue with white grouting keeps the color scheme from being monotonous.

Accent and Border Tiles

Accent and border tiles can help break up a tile pattern that is monotonous. One idea is to have a row of border tiles in a backsplash that continues onto a half-wall that hides the toilet. The same type of border tiles can be placed in small, evenly-spaced groups in the top tiles on the shower stall.

A band of boldly colored tiles can be placed on walls of white subway tile. The band can begin over the bathtub and continue into the shower stall, wrapping around corners as it goes.

A shower enclosure can have a wall and floor with one pattern of field tiles. A band of border tiles of the same color and texture runs near the top of another shower wall faced with large white subway tiles.

Insert tiles such as diamonds that contain figures of animals, flowers or abstract designs placed at intervals on floor tile keep it from being boring. These insert tiles can also be placed on the walls.

Vertical Tiles

There’s no law that says that tiles need to be installed horizontally. Long, slender tiles can be installed vertically on one wall that encloses a bathtub or in the shower stall. This makes a small bathroom seem taller than it is.

About Grout
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Grout can now be colored. Dark colored grout hides grime, and grout can be had that matches the predominant color of the tile. On the other hand, the homeowner can have grout that contrasts with the color of the tile.

For More Information About Bathroom Tile Patterns, Call Us

If you need a bit of help in choosing just the right bathroom tile patterns for your bathroom or powder room, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional tilers at Fujiwa Tiles. Our numbers are (972) 481-1988 and (818) 994-2439.


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