Trendy Pool Tile Ideas for 2018

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 It’s a brand new year, and, with a brand new year comes brand new styles and ways of decorating.

When you think of decorating, you probably think of your home and its décor. Though, decorating can and should extend to every part of your home, including your pool.

Believe it or not, your pool can just as easily become as old and dated as your home can.

For that reason, you will want to stay on top of the latest “pool trends.” This year, the big trend in pools is to utilize tile in the design, which you can easily do in new and innovative ways as long as you know what’s “in” for 2018.

Line Your Pool with Tile

To start off with, if you’re looking for swimming pool tile ideas, one thing you should know is that it is now a big trend to actually line your pool with tiles.

Concrete bottoms are a thing of the past due to their hard, uncomfortable feel. Nowadays, through pool tile suppliers in Dallas or anywhere else in the US, you can easily line your pool with smooth, comfortable tile.

What’s more is that modern pool tiles come in a wide variety of styles. You can easily choose from different:

With so many options, it is easy to customize your pool bottom and to give your pool the exact look and feel you desire.

Look Pretty in Porcelain

Another trend making waves in swimming pool tile ideas is porcelain tiles.

As mentioned above, you can now get modern pool tiles in any design you like, and porcelain has recently become a big hit. It’s easy to see why too.

Pool tile suppliers in Dallas regularly stock porcelain because of its soft, natural feel and because it can last for years to come with virtually no maintenance.

Consider Stone

Not everyone wants their pool surface and/or surroundings to feel all smooth and soft to the touch.

Some people prefer a more rustic, outdoors type of feel. If that describes you, then consider going for tile made with pebbles and/or sand. This beautiful type of tile is a great way to bring the charm and allure of the beach to your own backyard pool.

As you can see, there are all kinds of “tile trends” going on right now. Whether you want to jump onboard with one of your own or find one that is uniquely you, you really cannot go wrong with Fujiwa tile.

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