Matching Pool Tile Design with Backyard Design

A swimming pool is often the primary feature to a backyard design. It is the focal point; everything around it serves complimentary purposes. For this reason, it is important to design your swimming pool just as you want it. You want to ensure satisfaction of your overall design for years to come. Pool tile design plays a big role in overall design.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with pool tile designs. There are so many options available and each option is meant to give a swimming pool a nice appeal. Chances are, you are installing a swimming pool or updating pool tile after you’ve already customized your backyard. The pool might be the final customization. So, you’ll want to select a pool tile that fits the theme of your backyard setting, but also one that suits your personality.

How is your backyard laid out?

pool tile design
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The layout of your backyard will dictate what kind and color of pool tile matches. For instance, if your swimming pool is surrounded by grass then a tempered blue or beige tile design would look really nice. Such designs colors would offset the surrounding greenery. The color blue offers so much design flexibility, as it is a perfectly contemporary look. It suits the look of all modern backyards.

A stone for stone match can actually look very cool. If the footing around your swimming pool is a beige or gray stone, a pool tile of the opposite is perfect. Fujiwa Tiles offers the Quarzo Series. This series consists of four designs of stone-effect porcelain tile: Steel, Iron, Red and Gold. The Iron design in a pool, for example, would work perfectly along side a beige stone outside of the pool. In contrast, the Red version would work well with gray stone around the swimming pool.

How about a brick layout?

A backyard heavily filled with brick would benefit from the traditional glazed pool tiling, whether blue or green. These particular designs will allow the backyard to take a break from all of the red brick throughout. It would also be the opportune time to try a mosaic look. Mosaic pool tiling can look good in just about any pool; however, it will especially stand out if surrounded by brick. Mosaics allow for creativity, plus, they offer a hint of elegance to a backyard.

Your personality will play a significant role as well

There are two types of personalities in this world and two pool auras to go along with them. Specifically, chill and exuberant are the types being referred to. A backyard pool tile design can fit each type. Certain tile designs present deep blues with earthy tones that give off a rather sophisticated look.

Other designs offer extensive character. Whether it be mosaic designs or majestic designs, you can find something to your liking that makes your backyard pool truly stand out. Thus, select an option that matches your personality or the personalities of your family members. Again, you really can’t go wrong with any pool tile designs, and you’ll have your pick at tons of them.

Keep Fujiwa in the front of your mind when you are looking for an awesome pool tile design. We have over 100 designs for you to choose from. We also have plenty of samples that we can send to your Dallas, TX home. Please take a look through our design catalog and read through additional Fujiwa blogs for additional pool design input.

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