Water is one of life’s basic necessities. Many homeowners look for ways to incorporate water in their homes. Putting in a water feature has many advantages. Cold, refreshing water is soothing on a hot day. A hot tub makes it easy to relax after long hours at work. The gentle sounds of bubbling water create an oasis that provides a backdrop for many kinds of year-round outdoor activities. When it comes to creating tile water features, it’s helpful to think about the details of the feature you have in mind

tile water features
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The first step is to think carefully about the specifics they want including:

  • The colors you prefer;
  • The desired shape of the water feature;
  • The kind of materials you want to use.

Color, shape and material should all come together to ultimately form a harmonious whole. Many homeowners find that tiles make excellent materials to create their personal water feature. Tile water features are a superb way to add color, light and a sense of movement. Using tiles offers many advantages. Tiles are durable, easy to install and incredibly varied. Fujiwa Tiles are made from fine materials and designed to last. They come in almost any shape you would like as well as dozens of colors and patterns. When thinking about a water feature, it’s a good idea to consider all the possibilities available.

Start with Color

Before doing anything else, think closely about the use of color. Tiles come in nearly any color you can imagine. Lighter colors like soft brown and shades of grey are ideal for tile water features that are part of an overall look. The understated colors work well with features you may already have in your backyard such as a pool or a birdbath. If you want something a bit more dramatic that can serve as a focal point for the entire space, consider using darker colors. Vivid shades of intense blue are a great way to capture the viewer’s attention and keep it there. These colors will stand out from the rest of the yard. Such shades are a good choice if you love lots of color. Think about using multiple colors in the same space. A few vividly colored tiles set against a neutral background help create a mood and add useful, elegant detail in any space.

Using Patterns

Another option that appeals to many homeowners is using patterns. Patterns combine different colors in a single space. A pattern that uses many shades helps set the water feature apart from the surrounding area. A pattern that offers contrast from the rest of the materials help set boundaries. For example, using patterned tiles to make out a waterfall, makes it clear exactly where the waterfall begins and ends. This helps people spot it easily. It also helps people avoid the waterfall if they would rather stay on the other side of it. Using patterned tiles can also show people the location of the hot tub and the coping around the sides of the pool.

The Size of the Tiles
tile water features
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Tiles can be found in many sizes. The kind of size and shape you want will depend on the overall plan you have in mind. If you are planning a large water feature, large tiles are a great choice. The larger tiles help block off the feature from the rest of the backyard. Large tiles can also be used in combination with other sized tiles. A border of larger tiles set in front of much smaller tiles creates a vivid and memorable design that stands out. Smaller tiles are also often used when it comes to creating tile water features. Beautifully detailed tiles can offer a mosaic effect that shimmers and shines all night and day. Smaller tiles are good in smaller spaces such as the area surrounding the hot tub or as part of a set-in fire pit.

Choosing a Shape

Not only do tiles come in many sizes. They also come in many shapes. Classic shapes like squares and rectangles are perfect for any project you have in mind. Non-traditional choices such as triangles draw attention to corners of the water features. You can use a combination of both. For example, you may opt for square tiles along the sides of the waterfall while reserving a circle or oval tile for the area where the water comes into the pool.

Designing tile water features is fun. Fortunately, today you can find many choices for any feature you have in mind. A beautiful water feature made with lovely tiles in great color adds life, color, sound and texture to any outdoor space.

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