Swimming pool skimmer

Swimming pools are perfect fun for kids and a great place of leisure for adults. However, they can be a bare to maintain. Modern pool technology has eased the maintenance process, requiring less action for pool owners. One major contributor to a pool’s cleanliness is a swimming pool skimmer.

What is a swimming pool skimmer?

Pool skimmers have been around for a long time, though, they have advanced and diversified over the years. Basically, this pool cleaning tool is purposed to collect unwanted debris that is floating at the surface of a pool. Things like leaves, twigs, insects and dirt fall in the debris category.

swimming pool skimmer
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Rather than taking the old school approach of manually using a pool net to rid of debris, skimmers do so without manual labor and without supervision.

Skimmers can be installed in a pool’s circulation system, can be an attachment from the pool deck, or can even float atop a pool. Regardless of the location, each and every pool skimmer has a built-in weir. A weir matches the water level by raising or lowering the skimmer. It alters a pool’s water flow in order to reel in floating debris. Weirs take a horizontal position while wafting in debris; however, change to a vertical position once the debris enters the skimmer. This change of position prevents debris from leaving the skimmer and returning to the pool.

Lastly, every skimmer also has an equalizer line. An equalizer line is a 12-18-inch pipe that reaches from the bottom of a skimmer. The sole purpose of this part is to keep air from entering the skimmer when the water level is low. Air can negatively effect skimmers. As a collective unit, debris is gathered and stored in the tank of the skimmer.

At this point, the pool owner just has to pull the tank out and empty it once full. The partnership between a pool skimmer and a pool vacuum is all your swimming pool needs to stay clean. The skimmer takes care of debris floating in the water, while the vacuum cleans debris that is stuck to the edges and floor of the pool.

Today’s popular swimming pool skimmer

Automatic or robotic skimmers are the newest and most advanced models available. They are not fixed in any one position. Instead, they float throughout the water surface. This results in flexibility, allowing the skimmer to float to corners of a pool where debris most often gathers. Automatic or robotic skimmers are also easier to clean, as they are not part of a swimming pool’s underground system.

Pool owners can purchase solar-powered robotic skimmers. Obviously, being controlled by the sun, this unique type of skimmer is energy-efficient and will therefore save you money on energy costs. You can also purchase a skimmer that attaches to the vacuum cleaner. This way each cleaning device will operate simultaneously.

Your swimming pool should have a pool skimmer somewhere. It can have more than one as well. Experts recommend a skimmer for every 500 square feet of a pool’s surface area. Make sure you clean your skimmer regularly, perhaps even daily in the summer months. And keep in mind the upgrade options for pool skimmers.

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