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Everyone likes a home with a swimming pool! It doesn’t get much better than having an easy escape from the summer heat by walking 20 feet into your backyard. A summer swim is certainly refreshing, but in reality, a swimming pool is not in use for much of the year. As such, the design and appeal of the swimming pool is just as important as its fun purpose. Rely on a pool tile company to give your pool the appeal that you desire so it looks great even in the cooler months of the year.

It’s all about TILE

pool tile companyThere aren’t a ton of design elements to a swimming pool. You’ll have to decide on a tile type for the pool walls and for the waterline. And you’ll have to decide on the tile coping design. Within these few design elements is a ton of design flexibility.

We’ll detail a handful of impressive tile options to enhance the appearance of your swimming pool…


Pool tile company design options in Dallas, TX are practically limitless with porcelain tiles. You can select from a wide range of colors, patterns and blends. Porcelain can take form as both a serene tile and a pretentious tile.

For instance, Fujiwa Tiles offers the BOHOL series, which consists of multiple hues of different and like colors designed in veiny, random fashion. The BOHOL series is classified as a standout porcelain type. On the other hand, we offer the ITL series, which presents a more conservative look. ITL tiles are of one color; however, bumpy in texture and beveled at the borders to provide some character.


As you know, glass is all about shine. While many tile options come glazed, nothing quite shines like traditional glass. The material adds the illusion of greater depth. Also, its smooth texture is perfect for the actual swimming part. Not only will your pool catch the attention of the people surrounding it, but the smooth glass within will provide comfort to those swimming in it.

Fujiwa’s Glasstel Series consists of a staggered horizontal rectangle design with intentionally faded colors within the same color spectrum. Glasstel is great for pool walls and it can even make for an entrancing outdoor/indoor countertop or backsplash material.


Mosaic designs give a pool a focal point. Typically, at the very center of the pool base, a selected picture or pattern will exist. This picture or pattern can be just about anything you want. It’s amazing what a tile design company is capable of these days; there’s hardly a design that cannot be created.

You can install a mosaic that is fun for your kids, such as a fish or a turtle. Or, you can opt for a more sophisticated look through a design of your choosing.


Does anything seem more pool-esque than pebbles? Fujiwa offers Pebblestone pool tile. This unique design has varied pebble sizes of different colors—bronze, jade blue, royal blue, white—that create a very live-like appeal. While porcelain and tile designs are described as entrancing, the pebblestone design could be described as intriguing. Your pool would certainly have a unique style.


A pool tile company should have plenty of stone tile options available to you. Stone offers a natural appeal that will create a cozy atmosphere. It makes for an outstanding coping material, both in terms of looks and durability. Just be sure stone tiling fits your overall backyard design scheme. The smoothness of stone will fit best with surrounding neutral, smooth colors. Abrupt, showy backyards are more suitable for abrupt, showy pool tiles. Makes sense, right?

What about durability?

Appearance is important; however, its importance lessens considerably if it doesn’t last. Hence, durability may be the elite of pool tile qualities.

Porcelain is the most durable pool tile material. It has a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, which is superior to all other materials. The only real knock on porcelain is it can break if exposed to blunt force. Even then, its through body design will effectively hide any blemishes until the tile is repaired. Porcelain is so productive as a pool material that Fujiwa uses it has the basis of almost everyone of our tile designs. Pure porcelain makes up most of our collection, though, it is used at least partially in many of our other types.

pool tile companyFor example, our Quarzo series is made up of porcelain, but with stone-effect. Stone in itself is a very durable material, though, it is porous. Porous means vulnerable to water penetration. So, why not combine two durable materials, but with one that handles water better than any other material? It’s a bulletproof plan.

*Keep in mind, any pure stone tile should be sealed to protect against moisture.

Ceramic is another durable material you can find through a pool tile company. It is eerily similar to porcelain, both in creation and appearance. With that said, ceramic has a water absorption rate slightly beyond 0.5%. In fact, any intended porcelain that is heated to an absorption rate greater than 0.5% will then be classified as ceramic.

Ceramic pool tile is slightly less expensive than porcelain. However, it is cheaper to buy and lay than glass tile. In addition, ceramic bonds really well with the pool shell. A pool tile company will be able to install ceramic tiling in quick time, whether a concrete pool or a fiberglass pool.

Choose a material first, then a design

You’re not going to run short on tile options. You just won’t, there are too many. Fujiwa by itself has over 180 tiles to choose from.

So, simplify your selection process by narrowing it to a material. You can pick out a few and obtain tile samples. This way, you get a close up look and you are able to feel the material. From there, choose the perfect tile for your backyard swimming pool!

Remember, pool tiles are pool tiles. That’s a weird sentence, but the point is every pool tile you search is built and customized for the purpose of withstanding constant exposure to water, as well as changing temperatures and routine use. Take what you’ve learned about durability and choose a design that you like. That’s your surest route to a satisfying, long lasting swimming pool appeal.

Swimming Pool Makeup

First off, it helps to know the parts of a swimming pool. The pool shell is the support. In other words, it shapes the pool and holds the water. For appearance purposes, the pool shell is typically covered by pool tiles, both the base and the walls. The area of the pool shell where water meets air is known as the waterline. Above the waterline is the pool perimeter, more commonly knows as pool coping.

Choosing tile for the waterline

You don’t need to overthink the waterline, as it requires the same qualities as the wall and base tile. However, the waterline gives you the opportunity to give your pool design additional character.

It’s all about finding that perfect flow between the water tile, the waterline and the coping. Many times, Dallas, TX homeowners will use the waterline tile as a noticeable break between the water tile and the coping. In other words, contrast the water color. So, if you have a variation of light blue porcelain tile beneath the waterline, perhaps a dark blue or a green waterline would look really nice.

You could also match the waterline tile color with the coping color. Play around with a few tile samples and see what looks good together. The decisions aren’t as pressured as ones you’d make on something like a kitchen overhaul; however, you will still be living with your pool design for quite some while. Visitors won’t be able to see the pool design unless up close. It’s fountains, spas and hot tubs that can add great flavor to a backyard from afar.

What to know about tile coping

Again, tile coping is the part of the pool makeup that creates the perimeter of the pool. It is what you would be standing on before jumping into the pool. The three most common coping styles are bullnose, cantilever, and flat-mount.

pool tile companyBullnose is a favorite in neighborhood homes. With bullnose coping, the tile juts out slightly (an inch or two) from the edge and is rounded. This gives a swimmer something easy to grab as support while in the pool or leaving the pool. Generally, bullnose coping is formed from concrete, but you’ll see it formed from porcelain and stone as well.

Cantilever-edge coping is arguably more aesthetically pleasing. It creates an edge that is nearly flat. It is very slightly rounded, jutting out maybe 1/8 of an inch as opposed to the 2-3 inches in which bullnose coping juts out. Cantilever coping creates a smooth transition into the waterline tile.

Flat-mount coping creates a completely flat edge. It is the least common of the three; however, it can be cheaper to install. It’s also a good option if you want to maximize your swimming pool’s space. No jut-ins, just an opened look at the water.

Fujiwa Tiles

A swimming pool is a big investment. And with big investments, it’s best to get everything done right the first time so additional money doesn’t have to be spent. If you are uncertain about which tiles would be best for your pool, rely on the expertise of a pool tile company.

Fujiwa Tiles can tell you everything you need to know about each and every one of our tile designs. We can discuss appearance, durability, and tile installment. We can even find a trusted pool contractor near you to build your pool.

Also, we can mail you tile samples to ease and simplify your tile selection process. Our goal as a pool tile company is to create an extensive inventory so every customer can find exactly what they want in their pool design. Part of our creation is innovation. We are constantly trying to determine ways to make our tiles even stronger and beneficial to customers. While design is a certain specialty of ours, so is tile technology.

So, to complete your dream pool, give Fujiwa Tiles a call. Feel free to visit our website—fujiwatiles.com—to get a look at our advanced tile selection and please check out our blog for additional helpful information about swimming pool tiles and pools in general.


Make your pool the focal point of your backyard by calling (972) 281-1988!

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