First of all, we thank you for your interest in our products. Secondly, we’d love for you to click away after reading this post and take the next step towards purchasing part of our selection. Fujiwa Tiles offers a vast assortment of swimming pool tiles. This includes 80 types of tiles offered in different colors and sizes, a plethora of fun, attention-grabbing watermark mosaics, and depth tile markers ranging from numbers 2 through 8.

How can I buy Fujiwa Tiles?

We aim to provide the best images and tile descriptions possible through our website; however, we understand your preference to view the real deal before purchasing it. Actually, we don’t just understand it, we recommend you obtain a tile sample.

Unique tile style
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For this reason, we’ve incorporated a simple, straight forward process via our website to get you the samples that you desire. All you have to do is hover over our products page, select the type of product you are looking for, and then click on the specific tile you are interested in sampling.

After viewing and reading about the tile, you can scroll towards the bottom of the page and select your style. Directly below the style option you will see a “Sample Request Form”. Read through the specifics on sampling fees and shipping and then proceed to fill out the form. Let us know how many sample swatches you would like and the size in the “Additional Comments” section.

And just like that we’ll have your tile samples mailed out to you based on your chosen shipping method. If you like your samples and would like to complete the purchase, give us a call so we can process your order. We can also find you a builder to install your newly purchased swimming pool tiles.

Where can I buy Fujiwa Tiles?

The online route is a great sampling and purchasing option, but you also have the option to visit one of our showrooms. Our showrooms are located at our office locations. We have three showroom locations throughout the U.S. One in Anaheim, CA, one in Van Nuys, CA, and one in Dallas, TX. You can find our exact addresses and showroom hours by visiting our contact page.

If you are in the area then stop on by. We’ll have our selection of tiles prepared for you. Once you narrow it down to the one that you like, we’ll have a Fujiwa representative set you up with a tile order.

You can also view our extensive Fujiwa Tiles catalog. Once you find a tile you would like to sample or order, give us a call and we’ll be able to locate your tile on the spot.

We take great pride in our tile collections. Hence, we’ve managed to build and expand our selection to a great extent in our 33 years of business. We work around the clock to create innovative tiles that we know our customers will enjoy.

You can get in contact with Fujiwa Tiles by web, phone, in-person, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We hope to speak with you soon about our awesome tiles!

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