Waterline Tile on Fiberglass Pools Questions and Answers
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Waterline Tile on Fiberglass Pools: Questions and Answers

If you like to, you can choose to tile a fiberglass pool to add a few elements of style, beauty, and durability to the overall structure, which will capture everyone’s attention.

Even though it may sound a little complicated based on the materials used, installing tiles on a fiberglass pool is not rocket science and can be done without facing many complications. The procedure of tiling a fiberglass pool is more or less the same as you would use to tile a regular pool.

Using the proper tools, tiles, procedure, and determination, you can achieve this without any hassle, stress, or damage to your pool. Most importantly, it would be best if you start by checking the weather forecast for your area to select the appropriate day for your project.

Moreover, you will also have to find a handful of helpers to help you in the grouting process. By doing this, you can get your project completed within the shortest time frame possible.

We believe that tiles can completely transform your swimming pool to look unique. They are known to help add beauty and style to your swimming pool in a simple and easy way.

No matter what design you are looking to buy, tiling a fiberglass pool does not require a lot of professional skills and know-how. But before you undertake such a project, you need to learn a little about pools, tiles, and designs.


Types of tiling for fiberglass swimming pools

Waterline Tile on Fiberglass Pools Questions and Answers
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Waterline Tile on Fiberglass Pools: Questions and Answers

There are basically three significant techniques that are used in the tiling of a fiberglass swimming pool. These are:

Water line tiling

Water line tiling is when you put one or multiple rows of tiles around the top of your swimming pool where the water line will be. This tiling method is ideal if you wish to make tiles a part of the entire pool. Given below are some advantages of using the waterline tiling technique:

  • your tiles will beautify your fiberglass pool and make it look more prominent
  • you will have a wide range of styles, colors, and designs to choose from
  • it will help you simplify your water line maintenance.

Over the lip tiling (inlay)

When you use this type of tiling method, your fiberglass pool will have recesses for the tile, and every tile will be cut to fit into the recess. Inlay tiling has the following advantages:

  • Both your tile and the grout are easy to clean using a wet cloth or sponge. In this case, grout is guaranteed never to dislodge, stain, or crack.
  • You will not have to do waxing for the exposed fiberglass lip.
  • the tiles are not going to snag your bathing suit, as witnessed with cantilever cement or bricks

Every tile installation process which uses the lip tiling method is made to fit the purpose of your pool, your needs, and the deck perfectly.

The selection of colors and materials is carefully made to ensure an attractive combination that perfectly matches your home, the waterline, and the aesthetics.

The only problem with this type of tiling is that if a tile comes out, getting a new custom fit recess tile can be expensive, even more so if you did something extremely custom, such as an animal shape.

Custom tiling throughout the pool

This type of tiling process involves working on the entire surface of your fiberglass pool for ultimate luxury and durability. Get in touch with Fujiwa Tiles if you wish to learn more about this method.

Given below are a few FAQs regarding fiberglass pool tiles that will assist you in making a decision.

  • What type of tile is used for fiberglass swimming pools?

It is the same tiles that you use in a regular pool. They are ideally ceramic tiles, but glass pool tiles are also something that you can consider getting.

  • What is the method of tile installation for a fiberglass pool?

A fiberglass swimming pool tile is often installed differently than a gunite swimming pool. Gunite swimming pool tile is ideally adhered to a concrete pool shell using a cement-based thin-set and is then grouted using a cement-based grout. Then the finish coat of plaster is applied to the surface.

Fiberglass swimming pool tiles are adhered to the surface using a silicone-based adhesive and grouted using a mildew-resistant silicone grout applied to the finished pool shell.

This is done for numerous reasons. First, the silicone provides your tiles with a superior bond to the fiberglass pool’s shell.

Second, your selected tiles need to have the ability to bend and flex with the pool during installation, shipping, and as the swimming pool makes subtle contractions and expansions after installation.

  • How long is the service life of border tiles on a fiberglass swimming pool?

An important factor that affects your water line tiles’ overall service life is how well the owner keeps their water balanced. Ideally, swimming pool tiles should last you anywhere from 8 to 14 years on average.

  • How much will water line tiles cost?

It depends on numerous factors. But it would help if you remembered that the initial cost of your waterline pool tiles is much lower than the replacement cost, which is approximately double. So regular maintenance of your swimming pool tiles is critical.

  • Does having waterline tiles installed add significantly to the care of a swimming pool?

No, you can clean the grout lines between your tiles once or two times in a year or a total of one or two hours of additional maintenance every session.


Fujiwa Tiles

Waterline Tile on Fiberglass Pools Questions and Answers
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Waterline Tile on Fiberglass Pools: Questions and Answers

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With more than 30 years of technical knowledge and experience in the field, we will ensure that you get what you want.

Each series of our collection is created for distinction, superior quality and applicable for all purpose styles. Contact our professional experts if you have any questions related to pool tiles.

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