How long will fiberglass pools last
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How long will fiberglass pools last?

Imagine owning a private swimming pool in your backyard. While you indulge in the excitement and eagerness you are feeling; you still need to remember to consider the type of swimming pool you will buy. It would be best if you chose a swimming pool that will endure the tough test of time.

Out of all the various types of pools, fiberglass has started to gain a lot of attention amongst homeowners. But how long do you think a fiberglass pools last?


How long are fiberglass pools last?

If you plan on winterizing your swimming pool or getting a new one built, then It is critical for you, as a homeowner, to know everything about a swimming pool.

To answer all frequently asked questions and help you decide, our team from Fujiwa Tiles will look at various types of pools and how long they last.


How long do swimming pools last?

Vinyl swimming pool

When we talk about pool liners, vinyl is probably the least durable material you can go for. According to research, vinyl swimming pools last anywhere from six to twelve years depending on how it is maintained.

Yes, it is one of the most affordable types of swimming pools, but a vinyl swimming pool will not last you a long time and is eventually going to cost you a lot of money in terms of maintenance costs.

Concrete swimming pool

Next comes a concrete swimming pool. A concrete pool is going to last longer than a vinyl swimming pool. Nevertheless, a concrete swimming pool also comes with its own set of drawbacks.

A concrete swimming pool is going to require resurfacing every ten years. This is why a concrete swimming pool will ask for high maintenance and is also going to demand the use of higher amounts of chemicals.

Fiberglass swimming pool

There is a wide range of both pros and cons of an inground fiberglass swimming pool, but the main reason why most Dallas, TX, homeowners choose them is that they can easily last more than three decades. Although it mostly depends on the overall quality of the product you use, fiberglass swimming pools are known to offer an extended lifespan.


Why should you choose a fiberglass swimming pool?

How long will fiberglass pools last
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How long will fiberglass pools last?

Fiberglass swimming pools are the first choice for many homeowners, and our experts from Fujiwa Tiles can give you several reasons why.


It does not require much maintenance.

A fiberglass pools requires low maintenance costs along with a low lifetime cost. It doesn’t just look good, but a fiberglass pools are also elementary to maintain. These swimming pools often come with a gel-coat finish and have a non-porous, smooth surface that is algae and stain-resistant.

This allows you to clean without much effort and offers low long-term maintenance costs. Even refilling your swimming pool water will not be a hassle. Just ensure that you drain the water entirely.


It offers excellent durability.

A fiberglass pools are also highly durable and can easily stand the test of time. The issue with a concrete swimming pool is maintenance and with vinyl is its durability. Nevertheless, with a fiberglass swimming pool, you will not have to be concerned about either one of these problems anymore.

When it comes to strength & durability, a fiberglass swimming pool should be your best choice. These swimming pools are made using high tensile fiberglass, which accommodates some ground movement without any damage or cracking. A fiberglass swimming pool can last more than 30 years if looked after properly.


A fiberglass pools looks attractive.

Have we told you that a fiberglass pool looks appealing? This is major because you, as a homeowner, can customize it the way you want.

Many fiberglass pools come with colored finishes, ceramic tiles, and pre-installed lights and water features, making them look attractive. Nevertheless, you can still choose to get these installed if you have a regular fiberglass pools.


It is easy and quick to install

The installation process of a fiberglass swimming pool is easy and fast. Installing a fiberglass swimming pool is going to take you approximately three to six weeks. Now, consider this against the process of getting a concrete swimming pool installed, which takes anywhere from three to six months.

This should help you realize how hassle and stress-free it will be for you to get a fiberglass pool installed. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a swimming pool in your home in just a month.


Do fiberglass pools crack in cold weather?

How long will fiberglass pools last
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How long will fiberglass pools last?

Regardless of the type of weather climate you have, a fiberglass swimming pool will perform great. Fiberglass swimming pools are designed in a way that allows them to expand upwards when water starts to freeze during winters. The upward expansion means that any frozen water will not press against the shell of your pool which causes cracking.


Want more professional advice? Get in touch with our professionals from Fujiwa Tiles at once!

Here at Fujiwa Tiles, we have a team of professionals who can assist you with all your queries related to swimming pools. We have been in the business since 1984, which gives us enough experience to help you make the right decision for your swimming pool.

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