Upgrading Your Swimming Pool for Efficiency and Savings
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Upgrading Your Swimming Pool for Efficiency and Savings

A swimming pool is a popular choice among homeowners since it is an investment that pays you back in numerous ways. With a swimming pool, your home can become a much more inviting place for friends and family, and it will also provide homeowners with a perfect area to make happy memories. By upgrading your swimming pool, you can significantly increase the overall value of your property.

By choosing the right kind of update, you can save money on energy costs, and doing this will benefit both the environment and your wallet. If you are looking for a way to maximize your swimming pool savings, given below are a few smart moves you can make this season.


Upgrading your swimming pool finish

If you have a heated swimming pool in your home, this upgrade can help you cut down on energy bills significantly and make it more inviting. Darker swimming pool finishes tend to absorb a lot of UV rays, which means that your swimming pool water is going to be warmer without having to increase your thermostat level. It is the best way to naturally heat your swimming pool while saving on your overall energy consumption. Moreover, upgrading your swimming pool finish with high-quality watermark mosaics is also a great way to give your pool a facelift without having to invest a lot of money.


Change your old swimming pool pump with a variable speed model.

If you wish to save some money on your pool upgrades, you should think about upgrading your swimming pool pump. Nowadays, swimming pool pumps are much more efficient than the previous generation. Consider getting a variable speed pump that uses a magnetic base motor to reduce vibration, noise, and overall energy consumption to maximize your savings. Unlike the previous generation pumps that used a single speed, new age variable speed pumps offer adjustable settings along with a built-in timer system that adjusts the speed automatically.

Adjustable settings will help you save electricity costs by optimizing when and how your motor runs and will cut down on the regular wear and tear to extend the overall life of your swimming pool pump. An efficient variable speed pump that is energy certified can help you save as much as 90% on your total electricity consumption compared to a single-speed traditional swimming pool pump.

Increase the total size of your swimming pool filter

A swimming pool filter plays a critical role in keeping your water clear by allowing water to pass through as it removes any debris. A larger filter will provide you with more surface area for water to flow, meaning that your pump will not have to work quite as hard to keep the water circulating. This means that your swimming pool pump can function ideally with less energy and will also be subjected to less wear and tear.

Get a heat pump

If your swimming pool is in a shaded or covered area where the solar water heater doesn’t work correctly, you can choose to get a heat pump instead. Heat pumps have been around in the swimming pool industry for a while, but the new version is much more efficient, meaning they cost a lot less to function. They are also much more eco-friendly than the previous generations. Electric heat pumps use surrounding temperatures to heat the air, so they work ideal when the temperature outside is at least 55 degrees. If the air is at a cooler range, it will help you cool down your swimming pool water on hot days as well.

Start investing in routine maintenance.

By keeping your pool’s pump and filter in ideal working condition, you can keep them operating at their peak efficiency. Besides, regular maintenance is also essential if you wish to keep your swimming pool water clean and inviting. There are a few ideal DIY swimming pool maintenance chores that you can take up. However, if you would instead like to spend your time enjoying the swimming pool rather, you can get in touch with a professional swimming pool maintenance provider to take the hassle out of your hands and off your mind.

Automate everything you can

Automated swimming pool systems help you monitor your pool continuously, automatically adjusting the temperature, filter, and heating system. Moreover, you will get to keep track of your swimming pool’s system using your cell phone for ultimate efficiency and convenience. Automating everything will help you cut down on any unwanted energy consumption effortlessly.

Incorporate a pool friendly landscape

If you plan on updating your landscaping, you need to consider planning features that help benefit your swimming pool. Incorporating a windbreak using shrubs or trees will help you lower heat loss and keep your swimming pool warmer without having to boost the thermostat. A windbreaker will also help decrease evaporation which will result in lower water costs. Not interested in adding shrubs or trees? You can also create a windbreaker using a hardscape wall or a pergola as well.

Final thoughts

There are numerous options for increasing your swimming pool’s efficiency and cutting down on total costs. If you wish to learn more about how you can save money by upgrading your swimming pool, you can always contact our experts from Fujiwa Tiles for professional insight.

Fujiwa Tiles: Upgrading your swimming pool with expert in Dallas

With more than thirty years of profound knowledge and experience in the swimming pool industry, our team from Fujiwa Tiles can help you find the perfect upgrade for your swimming pool that will help you get the most return from your investment in the long run. If you live anywhere in Dallas, Give our team a call at (974) 481-1988 or contact us online to speak to our experts.


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