Pool Renovation Updates that Improve Value and Overall Experience

A swimming pool area is an ideal place for you to host a party, cook, and even spend some good time with family and friends outdoors in the comfort of your own home. Not only will a swimming pool offer you a private oasis, but it is also great at increasing the overall value and appeal of your property.

With that being said, you must take care of your swimming pool area, add style, and appeal to the maximum level since, with time, they may also become outdated and lose a lot of value. An ideal way to address this situation is by adding a pool renovation project to your To-Do List. Whether done all together or in parts, renovations will eventually increase the overall value appreciation of your swimming pool, hence your property.

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In today’s blog, our team from Fujiwa Tiles will try to offer you a few clever design ideas that can help you get the most value out of your next pool renovation project. If you are looking for someone to help you update your swimming pool this year as well as your overall experience, keep reading.

Updating your coping and waterline tiles

Swimming pool coping – Swimming pool coping is ideally the concrete, sealant, or vinyl edge that slightly hangs over the side of your pool. The coping helps your swimming pool get a clean-finished edge along with a much more luxurious overall appearance.

Waterline tile – Waterline swimming pool tiles are exactly what they sound like, and these tiles help you define the edge of the water level. Waterline swimming pool tiles are an excellent way to get creative while adding a slight touch of personalization to your swimming pool design using colorful tiles and different patterns.

By updating your swimming pool coping and waterline tiles, you can add a level of visual appeal that can help boost your overall value while adding to your experience. With numerous different coping and tiling materials to choose from, this type of update is an excellent way for swimming pool owners to modernize their home and increase its total value.

Saltwater switch

Changing your pool from a synthetic-chlorine-based swimming pool to a saltwater pool can help you eliminate a lot of time and work required to treat and test your swimming pool throughout the year. Saltwater is a self-adjusting and self-cleaning pool that can help make regular maintenance and upkeep a breeze.

Converting your swimming pool to saltwater can also help you create a more comfortable swimming experience. The traditional method of treating your pool with harsh chemicals can constantly cause numerous bodily irritants and add an off-putting smell of chlorine that may overwhelm your senses.

Installing an automated system

By installing an automated swimming pool system, you will not only relieve yourself from a lot of maintenance pressure, but it can also help you substantially increase your swimming pool’s overall value. An automated swimming pool is going to keep your Oasis at an ideal level throughout the year, and more importantly, you will not have to lift a finger to stay comfortable.

Swimming pool lining updates

A pool liner is a thin layer of sheet that covers the interior of your swimming pool wall and completely covers the floor of your swimming pool. By adding a new liner or updating your old one, your swimming pool will get to enjoy numerous benefits such as:

  • It can add a rich depth of color to your swimming pool, depending on the liner you choose.
  • It can help you add a modern, eye-catching style
  • It will help you keep the water within your swimming pool and prevent leaks

Add a gazebo

If you choose to add a gazebo, it will make for a great lounging area around your swimming pool, keeping you and your guests comfortable. We all understand that sitting beside a swimming pool can get reasonably hot now and then, and a gazebo is a great way to offer some cool shade, an ideal place to sit, and a good cooking area for you and your guests to enjoy.

Another aspect you can consider is if you decide to sell that property anytime in the future, a gazebo can help you add a lot of visual appeal to your property. People love to have a shady swimming pool spot to entertain and relax away from the hot summer.

Adding an impressive water feature

Adding a custom water feature is an ideal way you can bring your swimming pool back to life! An impressive water feature can add a lot of value to your residential property and help you amp up the overall atmosphere for all your swimming pool parties and social gatherings. Given below are a few custom feature ideas that you can give a shot:

  • A waterfall that features LED lighting effects
  • Adding water slides and a diving board can help keep everyone active all-day
  • Add a water fountain
  • Water and fire features are always impressive!

However, we suggest you talk to a team of professionals before deciding what’s best for your property and landscape.

Want more information? Contact Fujiwa tiles today!

If you wish to learn more about how adding a few extra features to your swimming pool can help you boost your home’s value, you can always speak to our professionals from Fujiwa Tiles. Our professionals have been in the industry for years, meaning they know everything there is to know about swimming pools. Our company specializes in swimming pool tiles in Dallas, TX, and can provide you with high-quality tiles at a competitive price. Give us a call at 714-738-6011 or contact us online to talk to our professionals right away!


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