What tile is best for a bathroom?
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Bathrooms are generally hidden rooms throughout a home (often times for good reason). They are not particular areas of a home that homeowners like to show off. With that being said, a lot of time is spent in bathrooms. For example, getting ready in the morning, getting ready for bed at night, using the toilet, showering…the average person probably spends a solid hour in the bathroom in a given day. All that time spent, wouldn’t you like it to look nice?

An area of the bathroom that can very much improve the look in its entirety is the shower. It may not seem like much, but a nicely textured and designed shower can turn a bathroom from generic to impressive.Hence, what specific tile is best for a shower? We’ll look at this from a design and usage perspective.


Porcelain Tile


Porcelain tile is a beautiful tile design. It can be designed to create all types of looks, including a look of comfort and a look of elegance. Porcelain tile his hand-crafted clay that is formed in a furnace. Its hand-crafted quality enables it to be shaped and formed in any way. Additionally, porcelain tile can be created in numerous different looks.

Colors, textures, and combinations of colors and textures can make this type of tile not only fun to design, but the end result can look spectacular. Certainly, you are familiar with cool porcelain tile designs in swimming pools. Imagine that in your bathroom. Or, if you’d like your shower design to be a bit subtler, porcelain tile can provide a look for that as well. The design options are endless.


There is a reason porcelain tiles are the best material for pools and showers. They are moisture resistant, heat resistant, stain resistant and durable. Most importantly, porcelain’s moisture resistance clearly makes it an excellent choice for showers. Its supreme density makes it nearly impossible for water to seep through. It is also extremely difficult to scratch or crack; therefore, water will not seep through via those routes either.

Heat resistance applies more so to swimming pools, as pools are exposed to sunlight frequently. However, most people enjoy hot showers. The build up of heat and steam will not harm porcelain tile.

Due to the fact that porcelain tile can withstand significant amounts of moisture, it’s naturally going to be able to withstand bacteria as well. Its hardness allows for very few air pockets; as a result, bacteria will have a difficult time penetrating porcelain tile. This makes porcelain tile very easy to clean.

Put all of these qualities together and you have a long-lasting tile. Porcelain tile will be a worthy investment. It will add a desired feel and strength to your bathroom. At the same time, it will last forever and require little maintenance. You can’t go wrong with this type of tile.

Fujiwa Tiles

You can access a plethora of porcelain tile designs from Fujiwa Tiles. We continue to build our design repertoire and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. While we specialize in swimming pool tiles, our tiles can also be used for shower walls and floors. Some of our porcelain tile options can be used for general flooring as well. To find out more, please contact Fujiwa Tiles today.

You can contact us by phone, over the web, or on social media.

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