If you are bored or tired of your pool’s old look, you should think of pool resurfacing. It can turn your old boring swimming pool into your backyard dream oasis. With time, your pool can change its basic look and develop cracks or other issues.  There is no need to get a new one installed or go for complete renovation.  Luckily you have an excellent option to transform its look and that is pool resurfacing.

There is a wide variety of pool resurfacing materials available in the market. They vary in look, durability and cost. So, you may have trouble when it comes to choosing the best pool resurfacing material in Dallas, Texas. Each type of material has their own merits and demerits.   Here is a list of popular materials suitable for pool resurfacing with their merits and demerits. You will find the below information valuable for selecting the best pool material for your needs and your budget.

Pool Resurfacing
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Plaster is one of the most popular pool resurfacing materials and has been around for decades.  Although the surface is hard, it is smooth and in white color. You will also find it in other colors. All these qualities make the water in the pool pristine, blue and clean. According to pool building contractors in Dallas, TX, they are also the most affordable methods of pool resurfacing. If you maintain your pool properly, you will find that plaster is the most reliable product for the money spent. The experts also say that this material is prone to cracks, chipping and staining in high-traffic areas like stairs and swim-outs.  Also, it is porous. So, you need to take care when balancing the pool water chemistry. The average life of pool plaster is 5 to 10 years. Plaster is a great option for homeowners who are installing pool for the first time. It is also good for small children.



Pool surfaces with pebbles start with a layer of properly made cement.  The cement contains small pebbles and stones that give a natural look to the backyard. You will find pebbles in different colors. So, you can choose something that matches your backyard space or the patio. The texture of the pebble surface is rougher than other options. It may be rough for your children’s feet. Although pebble is expensive than plaster, it is stain-resistant and more durable. This is because it does not react so easily with the pool chemicals.  It comes with a little higher price tag as it can last for 15 to 20 years.  They are great pool resurfacing options for families with elders and children. Pebble surface will make your pool beautiful and unique.  One thing that you will love about pebble is its non-slip property.


Tile is one of the most popular choices for the homeowners when it comes to choosing pool resurfacing material. Many think that the same type of tile is used for both swimming pools and the floors. If you also think the same, you are wrong here. The tiles used for pool resurfacing is not the same as the flooring tiles. These tiles are manufactured to withstand exposure to water in the pool. The pool resurfacing tiles in Dallas Texas are available in a large variety of sizes, styles and hues. So, you will not have a problem finding the right pattern, style and color for your swimming pool.


Quartz is also one of the best pool resurfacing materials.  It is a blend of polymer-modified cement and quartz aggregate. The pool experts say that this option can last between 8 to 12years.  As it is non-porous in nature, they can hold well against a high amount of pool chemicals and can also withstand strong weather conditions. It is more durable than plaster. You will also find quartz in different colors. It is perfect for people who want a low maintenance pool in their backyard.

Apart from the above options, there are many other types of surfaces that you can choose from for your pool resurfacing needs.  You can choose according to your individual needs and choice but make sure you choose only those that are made of premier quality materials.  You should also choose a professional pool contractor to do the pool resurfacing work. You can be assured of the quality material and work, and you are bound to get more out of the investment.

If you take care of your pool resurfacing material, the longer they will last and make your pool beautiful and unique. While choosing the right option, you should also consider other aspects like water color, durability, and texture and water temperature.

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