Owning an inground pool is a beautiful experience for a homeowner. But getting maximum value from it requires proper care and upkeep. You should not only think about the aesthetics but also think about its utility and durability.

Spending quality time with your loved ones around a well-maintained and lavish pool would be more enjoyable and memorable than anything else.  There is no better place than your safe pool area to spend time on weekends with your family and friends. So, make your pool stylish and safe by adding useful features. And a must-have feature in your pool are the copings.

What is pool coping? 

Pool coping is the material that covers the top of the pool structure. Especially tiles or pavers are used for coping. You can use square, bullnose or drop down rebated edge tiles to hide the mortar joint if possible. It protects the upper edge and also plays a good role in the safety and operation of the pool. It is also the part that gives a good look and feel, and makes the pool more inviting.  Consider it as a cap which gives you something to hold while you are trying to come out of the pool.

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What is the importance of pool coping?

Improves the look and feel of the pool – If installed properly, coping enhances the look and feel of the pool. It can be made from a wide range of materials in various styles and colors.  So, you can find solutions to blend with the other landscaping elements.

Improves use of the pool – Many pool owners experience that the edge of the pool is more actionable than the middle area. People enjoy sitting at the edges or the coping, hang off it with their body in water or lean on it while resting.  As it is considered the cap of the pool, it makes the pool inviting and comfortable.

Improves protection and safety – Proper coping protects the pool wall and the shell.  It prevents water from seeping, and prevents damage over time. The corners of the pool can collect water, but properly installed coping prevents water away from the pool. It also reduces the chance of deposition of dried leaves, debris and grass in the pool. It makes pool edges less slipper. So, it is easy to enter and exit the pool.

You can use tiles, natural stone, brick and other materials for pool coping. Tiles are one of the most popular options for this purpose. While choosing pool coping tiles, make sure you research well so that you choose the best one for your pool.

What should you consider when choosing pool coping tiles?

There are many things you should consider when choosing the right coping tiles. You will find some coping styles that work with specific materials. So, you should be specific about it. If you want your pool to blend with the current landscape, you should choose materials that blend properly with it.  Next thing you should consider is safety and comfort. Some materials may be rough, and some maybe even. Also, you will find some of them in textured form. You should choose material keeping in mind how you will be using the pool area. At the same time, you should choose a material that is non-slippery. There will be less risk of slip and fall accidents. The coping styles also matter! Some are just simple with simple design while you will find some with a curved top. You can choose a style depending upon your requirements.

Choosing the right pool coping material matters!

There are many pool coping materials available today. So, before you choose one, remember to do some research work. Find out if it is affordable or not.  Will it suit your budget? Or will it require less maintenance? Next factor is durability.  Is it going to last long? Will it be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and chemical-loaded pool water?  Other important factors are safety and style.

No material which material you use for your pool coping needs, we recommend you to use tiles as they are widely used for coping purposes. They are stain and water resistant; and require less maintenance. They can also be repaired or replaced easily.

Keep the above things in mind when selecting the right pool coping tile so that the corner of your pool has an inviting look, is durable and functional.

Contact the experts!

At Fujiwa Tiles, we are a team of experts who can guide you to choose the best pool coping tiles. With over decades of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver excellent pool tiling solutions. We know choosing coping material can be a bit overwhelming. We will work closely with you, understand your requirements and choice; and then suggest which tiles will match your pool landscape.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs. We will eagerly help you with the selection process.

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