Waterline swimming pool tiles 101 Basic and key purposes
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Waterline swimming pool tiles 101: Basic and key purposes

The tiles along the waterline are among the first design elements that draw your eyes in on a swimming pool. Nevertheless, besides adding a splash of color to your swimming pool, your swimming pool’s waterline also plays two significant roles that are critical for your swimming pool’s longevity and upkeep.

But first, you need to understand what pool tiles are. Swimming pool tiles often come in three materials; they are glass, natural stone, and porcelain.

Swimming pool tile comes in sheets that measure 6 inches square when held up against a pool wall. Each of these sheets is made by gluing the back of the tile to a flexible nylon mesh. The sheet may contain small tiles that comprise a mosaic or even a single large tile.

The nylon mesh makes it easier for the team at Fujiwa Tiles to handle tiles and apply them neatly and perfectly to your swimming pool walls.

The mesh also aids in their proper placement and helps assure that there are even lines between your tires. A sealant can be filled between these thin lines for a uniform, attractive appearance.


Pool tile

A critical characteristic of having a pool tile is the durability it offers. Unlike the kitchen or bathroom tiles, swimming pool tiles are precisely manufactured and professionally tested to stand up against sunlight, continuous exposure to water, extreme temperature changes, and ongoing contact with solid chemicals typically used to maintain swimming pool water.

Another vital attribute of a swimming pool tile is that it can be brushed or wiped clean without much effort. If you own a swimming pool, you may have noticed the sticky biofilm accumulated along the swimming pool’s interior perimeter.

It is usually the bather waste which often includes body oil, precipitation, and sunscreen. A swimming pool tile’s smooth and non-porous surface makes it much easier for us to remove unwanted buildup without much effort.


Where and how are these tiles placed

Waterline swimming pool tiles 101 Basic and key purposes
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Waterline swimming pool tiles 101: Basic and key purposes

Swimming pool tiles are mostly 6 inches tall. This length allows you to set your swimming pool’s water level almost halfway, and three inches of the tile remains above water with the other half submerged underneath it.

The position of your water level helps create a balanced look. Like we’ve discussed earlier, it is also functional as it helps in clearing any floating debris from the water’s surface.

Along certain sections of a swimming pool, the band of water line tiles may be taller. These sections have something which is known as a raised bond beam. It is a portion of your swimming pool wall that rises more than six inches above the water’s surface. It is typically 12 inches or more in six-inch increments.

There are two main reasons which make waterline tiles a critical element for all swimming pools.


1. Protecting the structure around the waterline

The main reason for applying pool tile is due to the nature of the water. You need to understand that water is nature’s ultimate solvent which can degrade various materials and elements with time.

So when it comes to swimming pools, you need to control water. A pool structure of concrete is not water-resistant by itself.

To keep the plaster shell of your swimming pool sealed when exposed to wet and dry conditions, a band of tile just above your waterline can help you protect your swimming pool against the destructive forces of water.

You will also have to apply waterproof sealants in between each pool tile to get the best results. Most swimming pools have this tile band run 6 inches tall. It often extends around the entire perimeter of a swimming pool.

You need to remember that if your budget allows you to get a high-end pebble finish for your swimming pool’s interior, you don’t need to go for tile instead.


2. Keeping it cleaner and more attractive

Waterline swimming pool tiles 101 Basic and key purposes
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Waterline swimming pool tiles 101: Basic and key purposes

The other reason you should get your tiles installed is maintenance and the resulting appearance that comes with it.

First, let’s explain what happens to water in every outdoor swimming pool. Regardless of the chemical treatment, all swimming pools collect some amount of unwanted inorganic and organic elements. These may often include various forms of algae that grow along the walls and certain fixtures of your swimming pool at different levels.

Moreover, elements present in swimming pool water such as calcium silicate and calcium carbonate can also have adverse effects on your swimming pool. With time, calcium can end up forming a grey or white scale along your swimming pool walls – as it does on your bathroom and kitchen tiles.

Despite the various treatments, swimming pool water also contains something which is known as abator waste. It includes compounds like saliva, sunscreen, precipitation, body oils, cosmetics, and much more. Collectively, these compounds accumulate on the walls of your swimming pool in a microbe-filled, sticky substance called biofilm.

In all types of cases, cleaning this scum line can be very difficult, but with the help of swimming pool tiles, maintenance and cleaning your swimming pool wall is much more manageable.

The tile’s non-porous, smooth surface will not stain easily, and some brushing can help you remove the invading scum line effortlessly. Moreover, various cleaning products are designed for swimming pool tiles to make this process even more accessible.


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