Ever heard about the rock stars who have had their swimming pools made into the shape of an electric guitar or something crazy? The stories aren’t untrue: these pools exist, and they can be surprisingly tasteful. But most people who are in a position to build a really unique, eye-catching pool are a bit more conservative. Here are some other unique pool design ideas for a gorgeous swimming pool:

Have a Seating Area Built Inside the Pool
tiles in wave patterns
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This can happen. The seating area is actually a little pool installed within the larger swimming pool because it is made of the same materials to keep it sturdy and waterproof. The tile on the coping around the sitting area can even echo the tile on the coping around the larger pool. Seating made with tile should have a smooth surface and a pretty tile design. The lower rim of the seating area provides seating and places for toss pillows with indoor-outdoor shams while a small stone table set in the middle is a place to rest drinks, snacks or feet. Accessing the place without getting wet is easy. Stepping stones or small platforms lead from the pool edge to the seating area. A patio umbrella protects guests from the hot sun.

Add Lights for Nighttime Swimming

Protected lights can not only be placed inside the pool to light it up, but around the pool to light up the deck area around it. This is especially stunning if the pool is surrounded by a  nice tile design. Colored LED lights, which are cool to the touch, energy-efficient and extremely long-lasting, can change the whole look of your pool tiles.

Add Waterfalls

Building a pool, or series of pools at different levels is a brilliant excuse for waterfalls. Build a pool with a vanishing edge, and the cascades become even more spectacular.

Build a Pool with a Zero Edge

A pool with a vanishing or zero edge tricks the eye into thinking that the water stretches to the horizon. Zero edge pools can be fantastic reflecting pools, and the installation of glass mosaic pool tile around their edges makes them especially “floaty.”

Build with Straight and Curved Lines

This design principle is what makes a guitar-shaped pool less vulgar than it could be. Balancing the straight elements of the pool with ones that are curved adds interest.

Have a Japanese Element

A lovely, naturalistic pool that seems to have been discovered by accident after the swimmer crosses a curved bridge over a koi pond is especially delightful. To make the pool look even more natural, arrange plantings around it and have it fed by a small waterfall whose water flows over boulders.

Design a Kitchen Pool

A pool that’s part of an outdoor kitchen will have neighbors wanting to visit even during the dead of winter. The swimmer doesn’t even need to get out of the water to be served a snack or a drink. All they need to do is swim up to a ledge that separates the pool from the kitchen and indulge.

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