Tips to Help You Choose Your Pool Color
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Tips to Help You Choose Your Pool Color

If you are a homeowner in Dallas, TX, you must already know that your swimming pool color can create a particular type of vibe, look, or aesthetic that complements your home or outdoor area. Imagine owning a pool that conjures images of turquoise waters from the Caribbean, the dazzling beach sand of Saint Ives, or the crystal clear blue water of the blue lagoon.

With the help of Fujiwa Tiles, this dream could come into reality. Unlike other tile manufacturers that offer a few  pool color choices, we at Fujiwa Tiles offer several attractive options and give you customized tiles that fit your purpose and needs.

With various options to choose from, selecting a pool tile color that perfectly fits your use-case can be a tricky process. Clients often begin by asking – what are the most popular pool color choices? Nevertheless, like most trends, what’s popular today may not be popular in the future. To give you a clearer picture, here are a few colors that you should consider depending on the look you’re going for.

Sapphire blue: it is one of the most traditional picks for a pool tile color. Sapphire blue is Royal blue pool tiles, which ideally has a diamond shimmer, which adds just enough sparkle to set it apart from other standard blue tiles.

Crystal blue: this is a light blue color finish with a white shimmer. It will enhance the blue color of your water, which creates an ocean-like swimming experience.

Diamond sand: It is reminiscent of sand on the beach. Diamond sand has a light tan color with a diamond-like shimmer, making your pool look more tropical.

Aquamarine: the name itself perfectly describes the color of this tile. Aquamarine is a turquoise colored pool tile with white shimmers and tiny black specks. This, too, gives you a Caribbean type look, as you see on the crystal blue tiles.

Graphite Gray: graphite grey is the dark grey pool tile that features a light blue shimmer. It will make your pool look clear and blue, along with adding some class do it.

There are many options like these in the market to choose from, but what you need to concentrate on is what suits your house the best. This is why we encourage our clients to consider a few crucial factors before choosing a pool tile color.


Look and feel

Before you start thinking about what color to choose from, think hard about the look and feel you aim at creating in your backyard. It could be anything from a tropical Oasis, Toscana haven, natural lagoon, or even a modern chic space.

Ensure that you consider your DFW home’s style and exterior tones as your backyard will guide you towards a color palette that works best for you.


The perfect pool color tiles

Tips to Help You Choose Your Pool Color
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Tips to Help You Choose Your Pool Color

Your backyard design may feature your swimming pool as the center of attraction, depending on your pool’s size and placement. Like every centerpiece, your pool color should complement the desired look and feel, along with adding the wow factor to your overall design.

We have discussed various pool tile colors before; now, it’s time to explain what should be considered when choosing a pool color. It typically involves your backyard theme, water reflection, water temperature, and pool surroundings, to name a few.


Impact of natural light and water

Whenever people remodel or renovate, it’s common to collect samples and see if the combination works well while creating the desired look and feel you were aiming to get.

When it comes to a pool and its surroundings, it’s crucial for you to consider the impact of water and natural light in your backyard. Depending on where your pool is, samples can take on a totally different feel and look.



It’s vital that you consider the current landscape of your pool before deciding on your color palette. Answer these for yourself. What does your ideal relaxation destination look like? What is the color of your leisure lifestyle?


Safety and precaution

Never forget to consider that your pool surroundings may become slippery when wet. It would be best if you considered getting textured tiles for your pool surroundings while you’re at it.

If you go with a dark pool surrounding, the area could attract more heat and retain heat on the surface, making it uncomfortable to walk on during a hot summer day.



Tips to Help You Choose Your Pool Color
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Tips to Help You Choose Your Pool Color

Our experts believe that keeping a few simple factors in mind while choosing your pool colors will help you achieve the exact look and feel you want in your backyard in little to almost no time at all.

It could get hard for you to make a decision given so many choices, but you need to keep in mind the type of tiles that complement your house’s overall vibe.


Want to connect with us? Call Fujiwa Tiles today.

With Fujiwa Tiles on your side, you can be sure of finding a pool tile color that perfectly matches the style of your pool space. With over 30 years of profound experience and technological knowledge, our company offers a premium range of pool tiles in various colors.

It doesn’t matter if you are a pool builder, contractor, architect, or designer; our experts will help you bring your ideas to life, thanks to our immense international production network and profound product development expertise.

Our solid dedication towards delivering outstanding service and quality has made us the world’s finest pool tile supplier.

If you wish to know more about our company and our products you could visit our homepage or contact one of our offices. We will make sure to answer all queries you may have.

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