There are numerous reasons why homeowners may wish to modernize their outdated swimming pools. Perhaps the swimming pool was there when you purchased the home, and now you want to make a few changes. Or maybe there are a few not-so-subtle signs like your swimming pool waterline falling off or the plaster deteriorating that need to be fixed immediately. A typical clue that suggests a facelift is due is when you have to make the same repairs repeatedly. Cracks in the swimming pool wall, chemical issues, light or pump problems are all cries from your swimming pool for a new update.

broken tiles in a poor being replaced
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Besides helping you make feel good about your swimming pool’s new look, modernizing an outdated swimming pool will also give you several other benefits such as:

  • Less time-consuming maintenance routine
  • Saving money by not requiring repetitive repairs
  • Lower utility bills by reducing water and energy consumption

Bringing your old pool into the new age does not have to be complicated or even that expensive. Below are a few tips that can help you step up your swimming pool game in no time.

Refinish your swimming pool shell

Except for high-quality porcelain mosaic tiles and glass, aggregates and plasters certainly do not last you a lifetime. There will be times when they may require a replacement, and a swimming pool remodeling project is perhaps the best opportunity for you to breathe new life into the overall aesthetic of your swimming pool. For those who don’t know, swimming pool finish is the material that puts the final touch on your pool shell.

It is this material that’s responsible for you walking on and enjoying yourself in the swimming pool. Besides adding to the functionality of your swimming pool, it also has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic. Available in numerous colors, a swimming pool finish can help you set the overall tone of your home’s backyard, as well as dictate the color of water based on what you wish to achieve.

If you are someone who wishes to feel like you’re in the Bahamas, you can always go for a white base with a few sprinkles of blue. No matter your vibe, you can get the perfect swimming pool finish that helps you achieve ideal results. The choice of material for this finish ranges from mid-level aggregates to economic plaster to glass and porcelain mosaic tiles if you wish to have the ultimate luxury and durability. Here at Fujiwa Tiles, we can provide you with all types of high-quality swimming pool tiles and recommend the best setting and grouting material for a perfect finish.

Converting to a saltwater swimming pool

Here is something that you may have never thought about. Over the past years, more and more swimming pool owners have been working towards saltwater swimming pool systems. Saltwater swimming pools are ideally considered a healthier alternative to the chlorine-based swimming pool. You are likely to spend anywhere from $1000 to $5000 on converting your regular swimming pool into a saltwater swimming pool. Nevertheless, the larger your current pool size is, the larger the conversion price will be.

The most expensive cost affiliated with a saltwater swimming pool is the salt chlorine generator – a critical piece of equipment. This generator helps you break down dissolved salt into hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite, which are traditional chlorine system compounds required to clean the swimming pool.

Replace your waterline tiles

There are times when your swimming pool water line can no longer get fixed. Stained, scratch or fallen tile is often resolved best by replacing the pool tiles. Not only will the new tile look great, but the replacement will also give you a design opportunity to incorporate patterns, hexagon tiles, pebble tiles, or even glow-in-the-dark tiles.

You can also upgrade to glass mosaic tiles for a better and more luxurious finish if you wish to. Though they are a bit more expensive than porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles, glass swimming pool tiles will undoubtedly be a difference-maker. It will not only help you increase your overall property value, but the aesthetics of glass tiles will also help you add a different vibe to your swimming pool since it reflects light just the right way.

Consider adding a water feature.

A well-placed water feature can increase the overall value of your swimming pool and add to its beauty. Several studies show that the sound of water falling can have a beneficial, calming effect on people. Keeping the same in mind, adding a unique water feature is something you can look into. A few water feature options include fountains, rain curtains, deck jets, and spillover spas.

We hope you enjoyed this blog, and it hopefully introduced you to a thing or two. When planning on remodeling your swimming pool or building a new one from scratch, our team from Fujiwa Tiles is always here to help.

Upgrade swimming pool decking

Your swimming pool deck is the first thing that your guests may notice about your pool area. It is an intriguing element of owning a pool and is a significant factor in contributing to the enjoyment of your pool area. You can find numerous options regarding resurfacing your swimming pool deck.

Natural materials such as wood and sandstone pavers are available in multiple colors that can either blend right into or complement your swimming pool landscape. If you have children, you can always go for sandstone pavers since they tend to have anti-slip properties even after wet. Other attractive types of swimming pool decking include stamped concrete, flagstone, brick, wood, and exposed aggregate.

Fujiwa Tiles: Number one swimming pool tile supplier in Dallas

Fujiwa Tiles has been the leading supplier of the finest pool tiles in Dallas, TX, and for a good reason. Our company has been in business since 1984! Having years of profound experience and technological knowledge, we can help you find the perfect swimming pool tile that complements your entire property without going over budget.

Give us a call at 972-481-1988 or contact us online right away to get started on the project.

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