Unique Kitchen Backsplash Tile Options

A kitchen is the most opportunistic and enjoyable design area in just about any Dallas, TX home. It’s such a detailed space with all sorts of features that must fit together to make one inspiring look. Once you establish the core features—countertops, cabinetry, flooring, appliances—the perfect kitchen backsplash can be the cherry on top. Even better, it can be your personal signature to a completed remodel.

If you want to add your personal signature, consider these 10 unique tile options for a backsplash:

Subway Tile – Herringbone

Sleek design that will stand out in any contemporary kitchen setting. The design consists of glass-like rectangular tiles that are connected to create somewhat of a diagonal puzzle (herringbone design). Goes very well in black/white color contrast kitchens.

Subway Tile – Dark Grout (see to the right)

kitchen backsplash
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Same tile, only with dark grout rather than light. Surrounding dark grout boldens the look, making the kitchen backsplash more so stand out than blend in. This tile design will look great in staggered or herringbone patterns.

Textured Tile

Textured tile looks great in the right atmosphere. You have to be careful in choosing a textured tile that looks modern rather than cheap. With that said, the right textured tile will add to the relaxing kitchen atmosphere.

Limestone/Glass Combo

Limestone is an ideal kitchen backsplash material. Its creamy color is perfect for well-lit kitchens and its makeup will last for many years without being tainted. Toss a glass tile pattern over your stove top and between your limestone backsplash and you have a truly indulging design.


Pebblestone has emerged as a popular swimming pool tile; however, the unique design can easily transfer into the kitchen. A combination of differently sized pebbles presents a calming, all-natural appeal. You can even take the design a step further and opt in for a river rock backsplash display.

Classic Marble

If it is within your budget, marble can single-handedly upgrade your kitchen from modern to luxurious. Its natural, infinite design will have visitors staring with their jaw dropped. Rather than dropping a fortune on marble as a floor, perhaps you can splurge a little and install it as a kitchen backsplash.


A mixture of warm colors, the harlequin design is perfect for kitchens with earthy granite countertops, maple/oak cabinets and light-tone wall paint. The design is generally a diagonal checkered pattern with rotating warm colors throughout each checker.

Porcelain Tile

kitchen backsplash
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Porcelain is a material that can contribute to many unique designs. Fujiwa Tiles offers the Quarzo Series (see to the right). This series consists of four stone-effect porcelain tile styles: Steel, Red, Gold and Iron. The use of stone-effect porcelain will blend nicely in just about any kitchen design. It’s an extremely durable material that will maintain its look for many years.

Glossy Black

In some ways an inverted dark grout subway tile design, glossy black can be created from glazed bricks. The design is not as much of a stand out as subway tile; yet, it definitely adds a comforting feel to a kitchen.

Glazed Variety

Glazed tile always looks brand new due to its constant shine. Whether you install it as one color or a variety of colors, you’ll have yourself a lasting appeal. Tile can be glazed into countless color patterns and you can really have your way in finding the perfect pattern for your personal kitchen.

For your tile endeavors, give Fujiwa Tiles a call! We have over 100 different tile designs for you to choose from, some for outdoor use, some for indoor use, and some for both. Please visit our website–fujiwatiles.com–to learn more about our tile selection and our blog to stay up to date with the latest tile designs and uses.

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