4 Standout Tile Designs for your Dallas, TX Bathroom
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4 Standout Tile Designs for your Dallas, TX Bathroom

Ideal Tile Designs for your Dallas, TX Bathroom

Because they are typically small and enclosed, bathrooms present tricky design obstacles. How can you turn a small and enclosed space into something comfortable and visually appealing? Tile, that’s how. While tricky, bathroom design presents creative opportunity. Through strategic tile designs, you can turn your bathroom into a masterpiece.

Here are some tile combination ideas to facilitate your masterpiece:


Use large tiles to portray height and space

There is something about large tiles that seem to open up a room. Whether squares or rectangles, tiles of larger than normal size spread out a small space. Contrasting large scale floor tiles with small scale wall tiles can really advance the spacious look.

Perhaps you install white porcelain tiles on the floor and light gray brick or stone tiles on the wall. If you don’t want to spend the extra money on wall tile, large scale floor patterns will look just fine with a solid light gray or beige wall paint. Not only will you open up the room with sizable tile, but you will also open up the room with a light color scheme.


Mix and match tiles all throughout

Tiles are so incredibly versatile in design. You can find a tile version in just about every material and texture these days. Why not take advantage of tiles’ versatility by showing off the quality all throughout your bathroom?

You can stick with the same color palette from floor to wall, but change the tile patterns to create an indulging, somewhat hypnotic appearance. Consider lining the walls with a subway tile, either horizontal of herringbone. You can use large scale, vertical porcelain tile (a great material to handle moisture) for the shower walls and a unique tile pattern for the bathroom floor. If you opt out of the herringbone pattern for the walls, maybe opt in to it for the floor. The end result will be contrasting designs all throughout, making for a unique, yet cozy look.


Maintain the same design for walls and floors

In entirely opposite fashion, a consistent look all throughout your bathroom can be ideal as well. The look will be simplified and therefore less expensive. Try the all marble design or all porcelain/ceramic. Marble will be costly, especially if you use it for floors and walls. Though, it will create a remarkably luxurious appeal. Adopt the all marble look and you might start spending more time in your bathroom for no reason other than to enjoy the design.

All porcelain/ceramic tiling is the cheaper option. Your bathroom appearance will not suffer if going with this design. Rather than a showy look, you will have yourself a contemporary, confident look.


Make one wall the focal point of the bathroom

You can also save money by getting creative with one wall rather than four. Having one particular area of focus in the bathroom will match stand out with blend. If done correctly, this can be a very influential look. It works best when you have a bathroom in which the shower is straight ahead when walking in. And it would have to be a glass shower (no curtain).

Selecting a fun, colorful, inspiring tile design for the shower wall to be noticed as soon as someone walks into the bathroom is perfect! The glass may fade the tile design ever so slightly as well, making it somewhat mysterious. This type of wall, surrounded by customary contemporary wall colors will create an unmatched bathroom design.

To turn one or more of these proposed tile designs into a reality for your bathroom, contact Fujiwa Tiles. We stock over 100 different tile types and designs. Our experts will guide you to the ideal bathroom design. Please visit our website—fujiwatiles.com—to view our selection and visit our blog for additional helpful tile design input.

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