Why Simplicity in Tile Choices Can Create Elegant Styles
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Why Simplicity in Tile Choices Can Create Elegant Styles

Simplicity in tile choices can create elegant styles.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to tile choices. There are so many different designs pertaining to colors, shapes, sizes, textures, etc. The possibilities are wonderful; however, they can certainly be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s best to simplify things. As a matter of fact, sometimes the simplest tile choices can result in the most elegant of tile styles.

Consider the following selection process to ease your decision making for your Dallas, TX home…

Choose a texture

Do want ceramic tiles? Porcelain? Marble? Limestone? Granite? Slate?

There are enough options to consider just right there. Ceramic and porcelain are ideal for wall areas that are subject to moisture. Thus, you often see those tile types in bathroom showers or bathrooms in general. Porcelain actually has a slightly lower absorption rate than ceramic, making it slightly less vulnerable to water. But, your really can’t go wrong with either.

Your natural stone tile options—marble, limestone, granite, slate—are more elegant in appearance. The smooth textures of natural stone materials create a luxurious, sophisticated appeal. With that said, natural stone materials are porous, meaning they are susceptible to moisture penetration. If moisture finds a way to seep beyond the surface, discoloration and staining could occur.

Given its porous quality, natural stone tile is best used in areas of a home that are not threatened by moisture. So, practically any room aside from your kitchen, basement, laundry room and bathrooms. It’s best to show off the beauty of natural stone tiling in common areas like the living room or entryway.

Choose a shape

Once you decide on your desired tile for a specific room in your home, you need to determine the shape and size of the tile. Natural stone offers a very wholesome look. Therefore, it’s generally wise to have such tiles installed in either large square or large rectangle forms. The bigger the tile the more spacious a certain area will seem. Since natural stone tiling is recommended for open areas, the spacious appeal would be ideal.

You can get a little more creative with ceramic/porcelain tiles. Plus, if there is an area to get creative with, it would be a bathroom. Why? Because bathrooms are such small spaces, they need a little flare to add some character.

Consider a design made up of little hexagonal tiles or triangular tiles. They can be staggered or fit together like a puzzle. Uncommon shapes will give a little flavor to a bathroom, as opposed to the routine square or rectangular tiles.

Just to clarify, square/rectangular tiles are a great look, but in bigger sizes. If you opt for smaller-sized tiles, unique shapes are more eye-catching.

Choose a color

Finally, you get to choose a color for your tile! You know your Dallas, TX home better than we do; thus, you know which color scheme is best. Typically, darker, more contemporary colors are best if you are shooting for a modern appearance.

Natural stone tiles, such as granite and slate, look very nice in their darker forms. Marble, on the other hand, is most mesmerizing in its lighter shades. Ultimately, it depends on the area of the home in which you are installing tile. White marble, on the floors or walls, will look incredible in the entryway of a home.

Back to ceramic and porcelain tile designs…

For wall tiling, gray or beige are safe and comforting colors. Of course, it depends on surrounding cabinetry and flooring. You’ll have a good idea as to which tile colors fit your overall color scheme. Most tile outlets will have samples to provide that you can take home to obtain a realistic visual.

With a bathroom, you can also get creative by combining tile designs. For example, you could have a one or two-foot wide strip of beige triangular tiling running from your ceiling to your floor. Then, on each side of the strip would be something like a light gray hexagonal pattern.

Again, the possibilities are endless and it would take us about 30,000 more words to cover every design—color combinations, design combinations, shapes, sizes, etc.

Our goal here was to simplify your selection process. Start with once aspect of the selection, then move onto the next stage, and then the next stage after that. Simplify the process and simplify the design. You’ll be in great shape!


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