Pool tiles add a definite elegance to a swimming pool. Pools are installed primarily for relaxation and entertainment purposes; however, a personal touch or two can provide a pool with an eye-catching look. Pool tiles give a pool that particular eye-catching look. Unfortunately, effort has to be put forth to maintain the cool appearance of pool tiles. In some cases, tiles will crack or fall off, forcing the pool owner to have the pool tiles either repaired or replaced.

Hopefully your tiles last without the need of repair, though, in case they do not, here is a general pricing breakdown for cost of repair or replacement for swimming pool tiles.

Tile falls out of place

Pool Tile Repair Cost
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The good news is most minor tile issues can be fixed via do-it-yourself projects. A tile that falls out of place, for example, can often be fixed simply by re-grouting the surrounding grout of a specific tile. You can purchase tile grout online or from most tile suppliers for $20-$30. All you have to do is apply the grout and the tile should be back in place for a lengthy amount of time. If multiple tiles are falling from place; however, it may be time to resurface the pool tile altogether.

Repairing a crack

Purchasing a tile patching kit will likely run you around the same price of tile grout. Tile patching kits generally come with mortar that you can mix with water to create an adhesive material. You will want to remove the cracked tile with a screwdriver or a chisel. Be careful, as you do not want to damage any other tiles in the process. Once created, spread the adhesive onto the beam (wall behind the tile). Make sure the area is fully covered with adhesive and place the new piece of tile on top. You will want to wait about 24 hours before re-grouting.

Stained tile

Tile staining results from minerals coming out from the grout and settling on the tile surface itself. This often causes white spots on the tile, ruining, or at least worsening its look. Stained tile can be fixed on your own or by a professional. The fix requires an acid wash. Obviously, any act involving acid needs to be done with care. You can purchase the needed chemicals for $30-$40, but please be sure you are wearing protective clothing if you execute the acid wash on your own.

Professionals can remove stains through an acid wash for $150-$250. The exact price will depend on the company, the size of the pool, and the accessibility of the pool. For a project such as this, it is recommended to hire a professional. He/she will handle the acid wash safely and precisely.

Tile Replacement

If damage to your pool tiles are excessive, it may be time to have the tile replaced. You can have an expert execute a pool estimate to determine if a replacement is necessary. If so, expect tile replacement to cost roughly $25 per square foot. Generally speaking, the overall price for a pool will cost anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000.

Contact your top tile supplier if you are interested in installing unique, eye-catching tiles into your swimming pool. Fujiwa Tiles offers over 80 tile designs, each one composed of reliable material so you won’t run into any unwanted repair needs. Certainly, we can help you find the ideal tile for your pool!

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