How to Match Pool Tile Colors According to Your Existing Landscape
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How to Match Pool Tile Colors According to Your Existing Landscape

Choosing the Perfect Pool Tile Colors for Your Landscape

How does your landscape currently look? Is there a garden, trees, swimming pool, lawn, or tarmac road? Is there just grass and weeds growing wild? If you are looking to add some style to your backyard, adding tiles will upgrade the outlook massively, bringing more definition to your home or business. Tiles can be applied to outdoor floors as well as walls, depending on your preference.

In the modern market, there are many different types and materials of tile. You will surely be able to find exactly the tile that you are looking for. Whether you are decorating or redecorating your home or business, there are several factors to consider when choosing pool tile colors. The most important factor is your style and preference.


Consider Neutral Colors

Nothing makes the surrounding environment pop like a neutral-colored tile. Whether it’s glossy or matte, a singular color effect brings all features of the environment to life. The idea is to take away attention from the floor and let the surrounding landscape speak for itself. Most importantly, if all the surrounding decor is brightly colored, a neutral matte color will balance and cool the color effects, making your outdoor appearance more elegant.


Mix Shiny and Matte

This style is a safe way to preserve a chic look. If your patio furniture and other décor are of neutral colors like white, beige, cream, or maintain a subtle theme, try to mix and match the tiles. Use both shiny and matte tiles. For example, if the overall theme is a deep plain brown, you can use a shiny light brown shade of tile along with white matte tiles. White is already bright enough to compliment the plain theme, so it is unnecessary to pick a glossy finish for the white tile. For pool tile color, whether your theme is plain or mixed colors, glossy tiles seal the deal.


Remember Size Matters

One thing most people are unaware of is the size of tiles they wish to install. Most colors may complement the environment when using small sized tiles but become too much if the tile used is large. As mentioned earlier, a one-colored tile drives all the attention to the beautiful surrounding features. However, this will be achieved by large pieces of tiles. For medium to small pieces, it is advisable to mix and match colors, as well as blend glossy and matte to keep the environment elegantly defined. If your personal style requires a plain colored tile of medium size, try using a tile with a glossy finish.


Shapes and Patterns

Picking a tile that will fit your patio or pool setting perfectly involves multiple considerations. First, you need to decide the color, size, and finish you want. After you finalize those decisions, you will want to give thought to details such as tile shape and pattern. All these factors affect the tile you choose. If you plan to mix and match colors using small sized tile, consider choosing two deep colors with glossy finish. This will make them pop.

This works well for balcony walls but can also be adopted to patio and balcony floors as well. Pool tile color is generally either a deep blue or green color. The appropriate shape is a rectangle and the pattern can be plain or of any aqua designs. Pool tile are normally a size of 3 by 6 inches or bigger depending on your preference.


Picking the Perfect Pool Tile Color with Fujiwa Tiles

Choosing the perfect tile color may not be as easy as it sounds. Picking the right pool tile color, patio floor tiles, or outdoor wall tiles is made easier at Fujiwa Tiles. We have a vast selection of tiles from a multitude of series including:

As you choose the color that fits, keep in mind the type of tiles that are best for outdoor tiling. Due to their ability to absorb a lot of water in a short period, ceramic tiles are not recommended for outdoor tiling. They will wear out fast and require replacements every two months. Porcelain tiles absorb minimal water, therefore, are the most recommended outdoor tile options. Another option is to use marble, natural stone, or quarry tile for outdoor finishing. Download our catalog or stop by our showroom to find the perfect tile today!

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