The Importance of Choosing the Right Grouts When Installing Tiles in Your Spa
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The Importance of Choosing the Right Grouts When Installing Tiles in Your Spa

Most homeowners prefer tiles for their newly built spa since they come in various shapes, colors, and styles. This enables you to choose the perfect tile, which makes your spa look elegant and attractive.

All homeowners invest a lot of time and money choosing the perfect type for their home, which is why you must pay the same attention to selecting the ideal kind of tile grouts for your spa as well.

Grouts are a material that is used to fill up space between your tiles. It plays an essential role in securing your titles to its base.

If you look, you will find various types of tile grouts available in the market, but before you buy one, you need to consult with a tile specialist to ensure that you are purchasing the correct tile grout for your spa.

Choosing the correct grout color which complements your spa tiles is also critical; otherwise, your floor will not look as beautiful as it can.

A spa is always wet and goes through severe maintenance conditions and usage throughout the year. This is why when it comes to a spa, your tile adhesive needs to have a strong bonding and some flexible characteristics.

Your tile grout must be resistant to all types of water attacks. Grouts that are always underwater going through water pressure all the time.

This is why you’re tile adhesive needs to be good at resisting water if you wish to ensure a good stick of tiles in all cases. All the chemicals present inside the water will have a direct impact on the overall durability of your tile grout.

A good quality grout is also going to be chemical resistant which ensures an extended lifespan of the spot. You’d also need to remember that the ground will be exposed to more significant water movement erosion.

Your grouts will also go through high humidity, which is another reason you need your grouts to be solid and water-resistant.

Our experts from Fujiwa Tiles suggest that the best grout for your swimming pool or spa tile is epoxy grout made using filler powder and works well underwater.


Epoxy grout

Unlike cement, epoxy grout is made from two-part epoxy resins. This grouting solution has been used for tiling swimming pools and spas for many years, thanks to its durability, stain resistance, and non-porous nature.

Its non-porous nature makes this grout waterproof. Other factors such as stained resistance make this grout the first choice for most homeowners.

Epoxy grout is less porous when compared to other groups. Even though epoxy has a name that implies the presence of cement, it does not feature any cement percentage.

Epoxy hardener is also critical in repairing hairline cracks and cavities in concrete structures. Besides this, epoxy grout works best as a bonding or primer agent.


Benefits of epoxy tile grouts

  • Epoxy tile grout is perfect for areas that are always wet, such as a spa. It is good at tolerating chemically treated water and is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Epoxy grout is also stain resistant which means that it will stay the same for an extended period since the chemicals or stains will not alter its color.
  • Since spa tiles are constantly at risk of moisture, they become susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Epoxy grouts are resistant to such growth of microorganisms which often cause stress in a household.
  • All types of cement grout materials tend to absorb water if in contact. On the other hand, Epoxy grout is one of its kind and does not absorb any water, which helps maintain a longer life span.
  • Epoxy grout is also capable of withstanding harsh chemicals like acidic liquids and chlorine. Other materials may get damaged if in contact with such cleaning agents, but not this one.
  • Epoxy tile grout’s shelf life is more significant than any other grout available in the market.
  • Epoxy grout does not even require any sealant treatment after being installed, unlike several other types of grout which need sealants every two or three years for protection.
  • It requires low maintenance.

If you go ahead and choose glass tiles for your spa, then choosing the perfect color for your grout to match your tires is critical to prevent any imperfections or blemishes from being spotted.

Glass tiles, as we all know, have a reflective surface. Your grout can disrupt this reflection of sunlight and can reveal blemishes on your tiles.

Finding a grouts that matches the color of your glass tiles is not going to be a huge problem since they are available in various colors.

Before you start any grouting project, you must clean the entire surface. If you wish to learn more about epoxy grout, get in touch with our professionals from Fujiwa Tiles today!


Fujiwa Tiles

Here at Fujiwa tiles, we have over three decades of experience in the field, which makes us the best at what we do.

Our professionals can help you choose the perfect grouts for your project while ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Our company remains devoted to the industry’s fast-shifting pace and can fulfill all your demands without any effort. Contact us today if you need our assistance.

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