How Do You Remove Fertilizer Stains From Pavers
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How Do You Remove Fertilizer Stains From Pavers?

Removing Fertilizer Stains From Pavers

Paving is a significant investment and is quite beneficial in the long run. It is mainly done by brick, concrete, tile or limestone. It helps in enhancing the aesthetic appearance and is done on walkways, driveway, and backyards. As it provides protection and improves curb appeal, it is a part of every property. You should also maintain it nicely if you want to protect your property and enhance its curb appeal. If you do not take good care of pavers, they will start looking dull and stained. No matter how much you care, sometimes you may end up with a lot of stains on pavers, especially when you fertilize your lawn or garden.


While fertilizing your lawn or garden, you may observe that you have accidentally splashed the solution on your pavers or walkways. You may notice orange or white stains on pavers. The fertilizers available these days contain some percentage of iron. The fertilizers with iron are useful in creating a greener and healthier lawn. It is quite easy to get rid of these stains without damaging the pavers, provided that you follow a few simple steps.

If you have pavers with fertilizer stains, you should follow some cleaning and maintenance tips. This will help you in maintaining the pavers properly. They will last longer and look like new for longer. Here, we will discuss some helpful tips for removing fertilizer stains from pavers.


Here are some helpful tips to remove fertilizer stains from pavers.


As soon as you find your pavers are stained, pour some fresh lemon juice into the stained area. Leave it to soak into the stain for around 5 minutes. Now, take a brush that has nylon bristles and scrub the stains. Once you have done, leave the stains again for another 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, rinse the stained area with clean water. If you find the stains are still there, repeat the process until the stain has been completely removed.


If you find white salty stains, you should use a hard bristled deck brush to scrub the stains and then rinse it away with water. If the stains still remain, use lemon juice or any effective stain removal available in the market.


Sometimes, fertilizers leave orange stains on pavers. You will need to use a rust remover, mainly one that contains oxalic acid as one of the components.  As you will be using a very powerful rust remover, you should be careful while using it. You should use the manufacturer’s instruction properly while using rust remover to remove the fertilizer stains from pavers. You should also use safety gear like the gloves and eye protection throughout the process.


There is one thing more you can do if the stains are stubborn and they do not go away. Flip the stained pavers if nothing works on them.  Loosen the soil between the pavers with a spade and lift it up for flipping. The posterior side of the pavers is good to use. Just you need to remove the dirt off to look like new.


Be careful while using stain removers

You will find many stain removal or rust removal products in the market for removing fertilizer stains from pavers. So, you should be careful and choose a good quality product for your pavers. Before you use, test the stain removal by applying it on one paver first.  You will come to know whether it has a damaging effect on the stone or not. If one of the pavers is damaged, it is better to replace one instead of removing all. Also, make sure the solution does not come in contact with the nearby plants as they may kill them.


Preventive measures to protect your pavers from stains

You can protect your pavers from any kind of stains by sealing them properly. Make sure you use good quality sealants and follow the instructions while applying them. Poor quality sealants and inappropriate application can lead to many issues including discoloration.  Also, in the future, you should avoid preparing fertilizer mixture or solution on your pavers. You should take extra care to prevent any kind of stubborn stains.


Take the assistance of professionals to remove stubborn stains

If you do not get success in removing fertilizer stains from pavers, you should take professional help. There are many experts in the market who can guide you in this process. They will give you helpful tips or even help you in removing the stains.

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