How Do You Install Waterline Pool Tiles
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How Do You Install Waterline Pool Tiles?

Waterline pool tiles add a beautiful touch to the swimming pool in your Dallas home. Depending on your preferences, these can either be eye-catching or something subtle. But more than for its decorative purpose, waterline tiles act as a protective layer to prevent the pool from staining. The band that wraps your pool while disappearing in water upon use is fully customizable and gives your pool a stunning personality.


When installing waterline pool tiles, it’s essential to work with a skilled professional, so you can rest assured that these will match the surrounding landscape and last much longer. However, you can also DIY the pol tile installation process – in this blog, we’ll discuss just that!



Waterline pool tiles are essential both aesthetically as well as maintenance wise. These are mounted right below the coping and on top of the pool to prevent pollen, body fluids, and other substances or contaminants from accumulating and forming a yellowish scummy layer at the waterline. This can also be caused due to a calcium and mineral deposit from hard water.

In terms of functionality, waterline pool tiles protect the sides of the pool over the years and maintain hygiene while not impacting its appearance too majorly. If you feel the need to clean these, call professionals since it’s one of those dirty deeds that require thorough cleansing. Pool experts can both help you install and maintain waterline pool tiles to suit your needs.



How Do You Install Waterline Pool Tiles
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How Do You Install Waterline Pool Tiles?

The choices are endless, and you can pick from various colors, textures, and/or sizes.

But it’s an intimidating assessment since what you choose would decide the overall feel of the pool and surroundings, being somewhat a permanent decision as re-tiling can be expensive and time-consuming.

So what are your options?

The look and feel hold the most importance. Quality and make come next as that’ll decide if the tiles would be worth your money. Colors play a significant role in developing the overall appeal of the landscape. Pricing, too, holds importance as it tells you whether the tiles you choose are an earnest upgrade, plus if it all fits your budget.

Talking about the measurements, 6×6 inches remains to be a standard size for waterline tiles. But you can choose from an assortment including 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, etc., which do well in unusually shaped pools and give a more opulent feel.

Coming to the finish, porcelain is one of the popular (and sophisticated) styles to fit as it can be easy to install, clean, and maintain. Ceramic and porcelain have been a staple for decades.

Stone tiles go well with a natural finish and are also pretty durable. But if you like something dramatic, mosaics are your go-to choice. However, glass tiles can also be preferred to give an elegant and shimmery look.

The idea must be to blend the tiles with your surroundings to give it a natural look or create a contrast to pop all elements out. Read here for more details on choosing waterline tiles.

If you’re overwhelmed with the choices, ask a Fujiwa expert to help you finalize the decision. Once you have the product in hand, we can help you with the installation as well.

Check out the Fujiwa Collection to find something you love from a reputed supplier and installer in Texas and California.



Although it’s suggested to work with a qualified installer to accomplish the choicest effect, if you still wish to DIY, here’s a quick guide on how you can install waterline pool tiles and balance functionality with appearance.


The prep work is critical since that’ll decide how well the final results come out to be. So:

  1. Start by measuring the pool end to end and get tiles as per the total footage of the sides and waterline specs.


  1. Open the drain valve and let out the water until it’s about 6 inches below the waterline and then shut the valve.


  1. Make sure to get rid of any moisture or dust from the inner edges.



Based on the above preparations, let’s help you get to the final process, i.e., installing the waterline pool tiles.

  1. In a caulking gun, install a silicone tube adhesive and make around a 1/4th inch opening.


  1. Use this in a crisscross pattern at the back of the tiles and start sticking on the inner corners.


  1. Firmly press the tiles in place and ensure these stick vertically. You’d want to secure the tiles with masking tape, so use about 2 inches of it and glue it to the upper surface of the pool edge.


  1. Continue the process from edge to edge with the upper edges of the tiles aligned right with the pool’s upper sides. Use a filler tile for the ends, and make sure you smoothen the cut before installing the tile.


  1. With the same techniques, complete all sides of the pool and allow the adhesive to cure in the next 24 hours. Later, remove the masking tape from each tile and pool edges.


  1. Now install a silicone sealant in a caulking gun and cut off about 1/8th of its tip. Use it in an upward motion at the lower end of the seams between two tiles. Also, smooth the seams, keep repeating the process for all seams and wipe off the excess.


  1. Uniformly apply the sealant bead along the edges where pool tiles and pool sides meet. Smoothen the seams, and allow the sealant to cure for the next 24 hours.

Congratulations – you’ve installed your waterline pool tiles! Now’s the time to fill your pool to the waterline and make the most of it.



How Do You Install Waterline Pool Tiles
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How Do You Install Waterline Pool Tiles?

Adding waterline tiles to your pool is more than just a charming and dedicated investment. These make the pool look exciting and help function well. So get in touch with a Fujiwa Tiles installer to professionally affix quality tiles and receive best in class services. Contact us right away or leave a message to discuss your requirements. We’d be happy to accommodate your needs!

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