Beautiful and durable tile is the finishing touch needed to make your pool unique and memorable. Many of our customers at Fujiwa Tiles are surprised to learn that the type of tile they use for their floors, walls, and backsplashes is similar to the ones used in the pool. Our tiles are not only pleasing to the eye, but waterproof and resistant to the chlorine and other chemicals you use to keep your pool water sparkling clean. Here are different types of tile for your pool:

Porcelain and Ceramic
blue and aqua spa
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The ceramic that is used in pools begins as a clay that’s fired in a kiln at high temperatures until it becomes waterproof. Porcelain is a ceramic fired at even higher temperatures. This leaves it very hard and bakes the colors in so that they won’t fade even when exposed to the sun or treated water. Porcelain tiles have a vitreous luster and a delicious feel, but they do tend to be more brittle than ceramic tiles fired at a lower temperature. All these tiles can be made in many vibrant colors and endless patterns. They can be textured to make them a little less slippery and can even be installed in the deck and other areas around the pool.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles come in sheets that are easy to install around the sides or the bottom of the pool. They can be had in a great variety of patterns, colors, and textures and can be made of glass or ceramics. Some pool owners even opt for pictures picked out in mosaic tiles like the ancient Romans.

Glass Tiles

Glass is a miraculous material. It’s not affected by water, sunlight or most chemicals, and the tiles can come in even more colors than ceramic or porcelain. It makes a pool look larger and deeper than it is and a bit floaty. Few things are as spectacular as a lighted, glass-tiled pool at night. Glass is pricier than the other materials, and many of our customers use it in tandem with another material such as porcelain.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles give the pool a natural look as if it is an unexpected pond found in an enchanted forest. Different types of stone used for your pool include granite, sandstone, and limestone. Even cobbles and pebbles can be added to complete the look. Because most types of stone are porous, the tiles need to be sealed every couple of years, so they are not stained or damaged by the water.


Tiles for your pool can either be installed all over the pool or installed at the water line, which saves money. Most of our customers choose tile in shades of blue, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Colors that contrast with the blue of the water or match the coping or some other structure near the pool is a nice way to make color pop.

Whatever type of tile you are looking for, our professionals at Fujiwa Tiles are pleased to install and maintain it. Call or click today for more information.

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