Coronavirus Outbreak Is it Safe for Kids to Go out and Swim
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Coronavirus Outbreak Is it Safe for Kids to Go out and Swim

We want to put forward a very valid question – would you want your kids to stay at home, exercise, learn to cook, pick up a hobby, meditate, and spend time with the family, or go out, interact with more people, and risk contracting the coronavirus? With cases rising each day, everyone might be in for a much longer fight. But, regarding kids, Netflix and chill might not be an excellent idea. Kids need to go out, get on the swings, talk to their friends, attend their swimming classes, play, study, and do so much more. But, further narrowing the topic, is it safe to send your kids to community pools?

The coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) is not transmitted through pools. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has indicated that there is no evidence of the virus spreading through swimming pools, especially the ones that are properly maintained. If the pool is in good condition and also disinfected, it may rule out the presence of any virus as well as other contamination.


Community Pools vs. Privately-Owned Pools During Coronavirus Outbreak

It is a common perception that swimming for kids in community pools is not a good idea with all the germs and nasty things floating around. But, considering the current circumstances, water negates the possibility of being affected by viruses. So, there is not much harm. What gets unsafe is poor maintenance of the pool and unhygienic conditions. Also, kids may pick up the virus from dry surfaces like the chairs or tables kept nearby. Coming in contact with other kids or coaches is another major issue. Kids can’t stop touching things around or get straight into the pool, leave immediately once done, and go home and shower.

Therefore, if your kids are into swimming, but you also want them to remain safe, why not get a pool built in the backyard of your home. How that helps?


During the times of such a health crisis, where people are unable to go out and have to stay at home, swimming for kids can be a great stress buster and also give them an excellent full-body workout.


No matter how well-kept a community pool is, it is still unsafe. To put it bluntly, most kids might not shower before getting into the pool – there could be sweat, fecal matter, lose hair, lotion, and what not. In a private pool, you at least know the scenario and make sure to keep all the precautionary measures right in place.

Health Benefits

You may not realize, but over time, your kids might develop respiratory difficulties, skin irritation, congestion, eye or ear infection, and so much more. But, it is so important to stay healthy during the time of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Having a pool in your backyard will safeguard the health of your kids and at least be one less reason to fall sick at this time.


Having a pool built in your home can be so convenient, not just in today’s time but also in the future. Your kids get the benefit of having to swim anytime they want and not rely on the terms and conditions of community pools.


Swimming is not just a water sport for your child’s fitness – it is such a bonding activity. You may all have to stay at home for an indefinite period, but that’s when you can bond with your kids, and they can also spend quality time with you.


At Fujiwa Tiles, How Can We Help?

Teaching your kids why it is necessary to socially distance themselves during this time is of utmost importance. But, to also keep them engaged in their favorite activities is your responsibility as a parent. So, if you already have a pool and might want to consider renovating it or plan on getting a new one built, we can help.

Fujiwa Tiles is a world leader in providing a superior collection of high-quality pool tiles for both construction as well as renovation purposes. So, visit our website——or call us if you need further assistance. Check out our blog for more information.

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