The plaster is not the only part of a pool that has several color options to choose from. If you are a homeowner who has recently decided to add a swimming pool to your property, you must select the perfect color that matches your style and the surroundings. You need to understand that water is transparent, and choosing the perfect color for your new swimming pool will give it a much more dramatic look.

If you are looking for good-quality swimming pool tiles in or around Dallas, Texas, you can always contact Fujiwa Tiles. We offer a wide range of swimming pool tiling options that provide you with years of service with no compromises on looks. Our experts can help you select the perfect color for your pool. When deciding, you need to keep in mind that whatever is trendy today might go out of style tomorrow. Our professional will do just that for you, and then some more.

Swimming pool colors

You need to research colors if you wish to get the most out of your investment. There are three major types of tints:

Tertiary colors – yellow-orange, red-purple, blue-green, blue-purple, and yellow-green.

Primary colors – red, blue, and yellow

Secondary colors – orange, green, and purple

You might want to ask for color pallets or combinations when combining colors. A color palette will provide you with various colors that will create a mood and add more cohesion to any space. When selecting colors for your swimming pool tiles, you need to look for:

Primary color – the main foundation of your color scheme

Accent color – which helps you balance your foundation color and create visual interest in your backyard

Before deciding on your pool tiles’ colors, look at the surroundings. Shadows from trees and buildings, the depth of the swimming pool, the color of your house, the sky at any given time can all give you a different effect. Look around! All colors do not predominate in the backyard. You, as a homeowner, need to observe the landscape, the architectural design of the house, and the color before deciding what fits.

Popular swimming pool colors


Several homeowners select white color to maintain the water temperature better. White swimming pool tiles help you highlight the floor of your swimming pool and bring out several decorative elements in the Oasis.


For most homeowners, a blue swimming pool represents fresh water from a stream and clean water, which can cause a relaxing effect. By using mosaic or pebble tiles, you can find several different hues of blue available.


If you wish your pool to have a higher water temperature throughout the year, then black is the best choice for you. Since dark colors are better at absorbing more heat from the sun, a black swimming pool finish should help you save lots of energy when it comes to heating your swimming pool.


Professionals find gray attractive because it helps make the swimming pool water look like seawater. When you combine black and white, it can give you several different shades of gray. Gray can also help you increase the water temperature compared to blue and white finishes.

How to determine the perfect color combination for your swimming pool?

When you contact professionals from Fujiwa Tiles, we will show you photos of several projects and materials you can use to convert your home backyard to an ideal staycation destination. Our team from Fujiwa Tiles will assign you a professional designer who will help you walk through the process of finding the perfect color for your swimming pool.

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The overall design and architecture can also influence selecting the perfect color. The primary color of your entire backyard is dominant with your home. The accent colors are those such as plaster, coping, etc.  For example, in one of our past projects, our client wanted to install a geometric swimming pool and combine it with the home. Since their house was white, the owner decided to use a colorful tile finish. After we were done, not only did the swimming pool look fantastic, but the final result also added a touch of elegance to their backyard. Even though white is the dominant color, colorful tiles act as an accent color that provides a pleasant contrast.

We have also seen cases where the pool’s plaster can work as the primary color. When choosing tile, pebble, quartz, or polished finishes, the plaster can have a different degree of texture on each one.

And there you have it! If you are looking for some more information, you can check out our website and our blogs to better choose the ideal swimming pool tile color for your backyard oasis.

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Fujiwa tiles are the number one supplier of high-end swimming pool tiles that help you add value and aesthetics to your property effortlessly. Each collection series is built to offer superior quality finish and years of service life. Even though our business has seen a lot of growth since its establishment, our employees remain devotedly attuned to the ever-shifting pace of the latest industry trends.

Fujiwa Tiles dedication to fantastic service and quality remains the hallmark of our success. Contact our professionals right away if you wish to learn more about finding the perfect swimming pool tile color for your property or want to buy high-quality swimming pool tiles. Call us today at (972) 481-1988 or contact us online right away.

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