Many people find it a challenge when it comes to choosing a color for their pool tiles. Granted, it can be a difficult decision and it takes a lot of consideration in order to make the right color choice. However, there are many tips that can help you decide which color tile is best for your individual needs.

Looking Ahead

One of the most important factors people tend to forget is that spa and pool tile especially drastically changes over time due to many factors such as natures elements (cold, rain, snow, heat, debris, etc.). Instead of viewing what the tile looks like now, imagine what the tile will look like in a few more years. For instance, white tiles get dirty easily and can often look very murky and soiled after a few winters, especially with mold and mildew.

Another thing to consider is calcium build-up which is very common in most pools. Dirt and calcium show more with darker colored pool tiles than with lighter ones.

Mold and Mildew

Although alga is more noticeable on white pool tiles, dark-colored pools tend to have more of an issue with mold and mildew. This is because the perfect environment for all types of algae is warm water. Frankly, darker tiles attract the sun, making it much warmer when compared to light colored pool tiles.

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Energy Efficient

Generally, a dark bottom pool is more energy efficient, depending on where you live geographically. This is because a dark bottom increases the temperature of the pool by attracting more sunlight. This not only extends your swimming season but is saves costs on heating the pool and running the pump.


The “look” of your pool is very important. Therefore, choosing the right pool tile color is imperative. Light colored pools have a bright airy and tropical feel. While dark-colored pools often alter depth perception by making the water appear deeper than it really is. Note: Many states do not allow public pools to have a dark bottom because of the distorted depth perception.

A Fabulous Selection of Tiles

Some of the most common and sensible pool tile colors are different shades of blue and green. These colors also have a natural feel of the water and the great outdoors. Shades of light blue reflect the light and make your pool more appealing. A balance between blue and green is also alluring; it is not too dark or light and has more of a natural feeling. A combination of hues is also very enticing, especially mosaics. The vibrant art of mosaics offers depth and great flexibility with patterns, materials and even color. Combine the ideal color with Fujiwa Tiles and you have the pool of your dreams. In fact, Fujiwa Tiles offers top of the line porcelain tiles in an array of colors, hues, textures, and designs to choose from. In addition, you will discover tiles and designs you have envisioned which meets the needs of your taste, creativity, and uniqueness.

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