Mosaic tiles have been a popular choice amongst artists to beautify exterior and interior spaces for thousands of years. The key reasons behind why mosaic art withstood the test of time are; limitless design options and durability. They are good at combining practical functionality with aesthetics.

Even though mosaics can be manufactured using numerous different materials, we will be focusing on modern glass mosaic tiles in this blog.

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Colorful mosaic tiles can be arranged to form unique patterns, abstract art, designs, and images. The design options with mosaic are endless. Not only this, but you can also install this tile art anywhere, be it the walls, shower areas, spas, feature walls, backsplashes, swimming pools, and even on 3D surfaces like a dome. With unique and limitless application and design options, you will indeed find something that fits your style, taste, and personality perfectly.

The entire life of your mosaic tiles will depend on the materials used to install the tiles and the quality of tiles. There have been many cases where the installation process is the only difference between a perfectly laid mosaic work that can last for decades with minimum effort and a mosaic tile disaster.

Whether it is for a home renovation project or a brand-new space, if you are looking for the best quality mosaic tiles, there are a few critical things that you need to consider and research before you make your final purchase. Trust us, and your future self is going to thank you for this.

Check to see if your mosaic tile is suitable for the type of environment you want to install it in. Even how you mount your mosaic sheets is an important step.

Glass mosaic tiles often require to be paper-faced since they allow even more coverage of bonding materials and does not leave any space in between for mold to grow. In the case of the mosaic designs with translucent glass tesserae, professionals always prefer paper-faced mosaic over mesh-backed.

If your tiles are shipped from one place to another, you need to speak with your supplier about the type of packaging and best logistics options.

Pro tip: You should always order at least 15% extra; it often comes in handy later during the project. It is also critical for you to hire a professional tile contractor/installer who can install mosaic tiles.

A tile installing professional with not enough experience is not what you need for the job. A professional mosaic tile installer will have everything covered, from surface preparation to the knowledge of materials required for the installation. Also, don’t cut costs on the materials; suitable quality grout and adhesives are just as important as the tiles.

Below you will find some of the most common mosaic tile related issues that you may have to face and what you can do to minimize the risk:

Installation issues

Having a custom-made mosaic tile ruined due to inadequate installation is the last thing you wish were to happen to your project! Nevertheless, many projects face an unfortunate feat because the installation process was not up to the mark. Let us discuss some of the ways inadequate installation can affect your entire mosaic tile masterpiece.

Marble or glass mosaic tiles tend to be uneven. This could be because of inadequate preparation of the surface or inconsistent application of your tiles. Other issues include grout lines which are not equal since they may create an unsightly patchy effect on your finished product. Grout lines need to be uniform throughout your mosaic tiles’ surface to achieve a seamless look.

How can you achieve it? By hiring a professional tile installer. By getting a professional and trustworthy tile installer, you will eliminate all the risks of installation problems mentioned above.

There are times when an inexperienced tile installer will try to put all the blame for their mistakes over the installation material or the mosaic tiles used.

However, an expert contractor will know the best and most suitable techniques and recommend fixing and laying material that suits your project the best.

Ensure that the contractor you hired has some previous experience with this type of tile installation. You can even ask to see their previous projects. Authentic testimonials are always welcome.

Falling off

You may have noticed your mosaic tiles falling off for numerous reasons ranging from inferior quality adhesives and grout to the standard of laying and fixing materials to using the wrong type of backing for your sheets.

If you wish to prevent this from happening again, our professionals from Fujiwa Tiles recommend you use the appropriate quality adhesive and grout for your project. Your contractor can guide you to reliable options that are good with mosaic tiles.

Nevertheless, remember that mesh back mosaic tile sheet is a big no for swimming pool mosaic tiles since it limits the adhesive surface area and leaves behind tiny gaps which could form mold over time.

Tiles get damaged in transit.

If you intend to take the delivery yourself, you probably don’t have to work about this. Nevertheless, if your tiles need to be shipped from one place to another, you are at risk of damage during the transit. Reasons why this may happen include insufficient packaging, mishandling of packages, or the usual turbulence and shaking associated with numerous forms of transportation.

Solution? Make sure you ask your seller to pack the mosaic tiles properly since it is critical for their safety. When you work with Fujiwa Tiles, you will not have to worry about your tiles getting damaged during transit. Our professionals will ensure that the packaging is capable of minimizing the overall impact of shakes and shocks.

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