Nothing can be more relaxing than sitting by your poolside and comforted into serenity by the pristine water, or sitting by the poolside enjoying your favorite drink, watching the tiles reflect the moonlight.  Sounds excellent, right? Yes, the right pool tiles can transform your background into your dream oasis.


Tiles are one of the most essential parts of your swimming pool. Your swimming pool will look dull and unwelcoming if it has the wrong tile. Don’t think that choosing the right tile is just about design, hues, style or aesthetics. There are many other things to consider while choosing the best tile for your swimming pool. And there are endless options in the market. So, to find out which type of tile is best for your pool can be a bit challenging. So, we will be giving you here some top options. Although every tile has different properties, it also comes to individual taste and budget when choosing any particular option.

Here are some of the top swimming pool tile options


Glass tiles are small size tiles made from recycled glass for a pristine look. They are eco-friendly, non-porous and durable. They are an expensive option but, they create an illusion of depth in your swimming pool. You will find glass tiles in a variety of colors and styles.  They add a touch of class to your pool area. You can use them in both cold and hot climates. But you need to pay attention to one thing while choosing this option. It takes longer to install them. Also, the flawless look and feel of the glass depend on the craftsmanship of your pool installing expert. So, you should hire a professional pool installer to do the job. Along with that, you should also buy the tiles from a reputed tile supplier in Dallas.

Ceramic and porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a popular choice for swimming pool surfaces. They are versatile and affordable. Many homeowners prefer them over other options as they can even be hand-painted to blend with your individual choice. Being a versatile material, they allow you to create beautiful designs to enhance the look and feel of your pool. Another benefit of porcelain tile is that they do not absorb heat. So, they are the best option for waterline and pool deck pavement. They are also available in textured finishes to match with the surrounding landscape. You can even think of these options if you are looking to add a waterline accent without stretching your budget too far. The only downside of these materials is they will be in good condition for long only when you maintain them properly.

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Stone tiles pool tiles are similar to ceramic and are quite popular among the homeowners. Natural stone works great for creating an architectural look in your backyard. They come in a plethora of colors, styles and sizes to match your outdoor space and other natural elements. Different varieties of stone pool tiles include travertine, slate and bluestone. As they are porous, you have to seal them after every few years. This will prevent staining or water damage. They last for long, giving you great value for the money spent.


If you want to add vibrancy and color to your pool design, you should choose mosaic tiles. Like other pool tiles, they also come in a large variety of colors and patterns to blend with every type of backyard. Different pieces of glass, porcelain and ceramic are combined to form mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles will make your pool stylish and unique. They can be easily installed as they come in sheets. If you are using them for your pool, remember to drain off the water every few years. Clean the tiles to clear off any algae, mold, or chemical buildups.


Choose brick pool tiles if you want to give a royal look to your pool. Although they are not modern, they are more durable like stone tiles. Generally, they are available in red color, but you will also find them in other colors. There is a major drawback of these tiles. Brick is highly porous. So, you need to seal them every year, or else water can enter into them. At the same time, you need to protect them from water damage or mold growth.

We hope the above information will help you in selecting the best pool tile to transform your backyard. You should also consider other factors like size, color, design, and budget while choosing the best tile for your pool. Work with a reliable tile company in Dallas, Texas, to pick the swimming pool tile that fits your needs, personal taste and budget. You should also consider other factors like size, color, design, and budget while choosing the best tile for your pool.

Fujiwa Tiles Can Help You Choose the Best Pool Tiles

Whether you are looking to build a custom pool in the backyard or re-tiling your current pool, here at Fujiwa Tiles, we have a huge stock of different tiles to suit your needs. With a professional team of product development experts, we can help you choose the best tiles for your pool. We have over three decades of knowledge and experience in the international pool tile market.  We offer unlimited design possibilities to exceed our customers’ expectations every time.

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