A pool is a wonderful addition to your backyard space or the entire home. And determining the tile options for the surrounding area is a critical decision to make.

When you check out different home improvement stores or websites, you may get overwhelmed by the many choices available to make your life by the pool more comfortable. But do not fret – we have got you covered.

Let us tell you about the different tile options available and how significantly these can impact your pool surroundings for the better.

Best Tiles For Pool Surrounds

You may find various options in the market to suit the pool surroundings. But what amongst those may help you narrow your search? Check out these three great choices that you can opt for:

  1. Porcelain

If you are looking for fabulous textures but something low maintenance, porcelain works best. It has an easy to clean, pre-sealed, and smooth surface. Not only do porcelain tiles offer a smart and timeless look, but these are also anti-slip and comfortable for the feet. It is a dense and durable option for most swimming pool owners. Porcelain feels smooth to touch, is available in various intricate and trendy color/ texture options, and can easily suit most pool spaces.

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  1. Natural Stone

You can also consider tiles or pavers with a natural material, including the following since these are durable and stand the test of time:

Bluestone: Also known as basalt, bluestone is one of the most common and practical pool surround tile options for its salt resistance. It is universal, hard-wearing, incredibly dense, high performing, and available in various formats, not just tiles. The texture offers an anti-skid surfacing, which is excellent for poolside applications.

Travertine: Travertine tiles are considered one of the best for decorating surrounding pool areas. It adds a touch of luxury to your space while providing the needed durability, looks, and safety. Its warm and light color palette looks excellent for interior and exterior applications and looks terrific against a serene pool.

Granite: This stone comes in a bush-hammered finish and provides you a non-slip surface that is apt for pool settings. It is excellent at hiding flaws like spillage and stains, plus it has a low-porous rating. Granite offers the needed elegance and aesthetic appeal that matches well with any traditional or contemporary architecture.

Marble: Marble offers numerous benefits as a pool surround tile option. It is famous not only for its aesthetics, but the stone is also hard-wearing and may last much longer than many other selections. Marble does not absorb much heat, water, and feels relaxing in a pool environment.  

Limestone: This stone is amongst the go-to building materials across different countries. It comes in a broad range of textures and colors and makes a great pool paving alternative. From warm beige to cool grey, you get every possible opportunity to add a sense of sophistication and timeless appeal to the outdoor areas.

Keep in mind that tiles made of natural stone are more porous, so you must ensure these do not go on areas that are highly prone to moisture or dampness. Even if you would like to have these installed near barbeque, high foot traffic, or wet areas, the installer would seal the tiles with a stone and tile sealer to protect these against dirt, oils, and liquids. Resealing is again required annually. Unsealed natural stone darkens upon getting wet. Thus, sealing will ensure the tiles do not absorb water right into the surface or change color with time and stay low maintenance, high performing, and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are amongst those premium choices. The ones that are frost-free, fade-proof, and load-bearing make for an apt choice for pool surrounds. Ceramic tiles also come in different sizes, designs, colors, and textures. But do not forget to pick the tiles that are graded safe for your particular use. If you need inspiration for your pool surround project, look at our swimming pool gallery, where we showcase our expertise in all things pool tiles.

Whenever you want to get pool pavers installed, it is essential to contract with a knowledgeable and licensed service provider or installer who knows precisely what would be ideal for your pool surroundings and how to go about the process. The right choice of tiles not only impacts the appearance of your pool but contribute to pool safety as well.

Choosing The Right Tiles For Pool Surrounds

In the end, remember that installing a pool and deciding its surrounding style is a significant investment for your home. So it is vital to pick the tiles for your pool surroundings which are:

  • Comfortable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Heat and glare resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Stain resistant
  • Resilient to pool water chemicals
  • High wear rated
  • Strong and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Matching your backyard/ decking style
  • Complementing the size and architecture of your home

Considering these key factors will make sure it makes the space a bit more inviting and relaxing for your friends and family to enjoy.

Need Help Figuring Out The Right Tile? Call Fujiwa Tiles!

At Fujiwa Tiles, we supply an extensive range of pool tile collection for use as coping or pool surrounds paving. We emphasize on achieving a balance between creating an excellent outdoor that is appealing and comfortable for all seasons.

Fujiwa Tiles is a one-stop solution for pool, outdoor, and spa tiles that are superior in quality, safe, seamless, and unique for different pool needs.

If you are still unsure what tiles would suit best for your pool surround, we are here to help. We are dedicated to helping our customers in creating a space that brings happiness and convenience. 

Speak to us for expert advice or fill this contact form, and our representative will get back to you with the required information. You can also download our catalog to look at the comprehensive products and services we offer.

Want more practical advice for your outdoor areas? Do not miss checking out our blog.


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