How to Replace Pool Tile

broken tiles in a poor being replaced
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When it comes to having a great-looking pool, the quality materials and condition of the tiles are critical. Broken pool tiles just done look good and cracking or broken tiles can lead to leaks. Today we will be looking at the four steps to replacing pool tile in order to prevent further damage and provide you with the list of tools needed to DIY repair your pool or spa tiles in no time.

Materials Needed

  • Flat head screw driver
  • Sharp screw driver
  • Thin set mortar
  • Notched Trowel
  • Grout
  • Pool plaster mix (if needed)

Step 1 Removing the Broken Tiles

To begin, you need to strip off loose tiles by wedging a flat head screwdriver between the bed and the tile. It is also necessary to tear off any grout leftover on the edges where the tiles once were. Any excess grout can be removed by using the sharp screwdriver.

Step 2 Preparing the Surface

Next you need to prepare the area where you are placing your new tile. Remove any loose or excess materials on the bed. If any cracks are found on the area behind the tile, you can use the pool plaster mix to repair and level the damage. It is important to fix any broken area and fill cracks effectively in order to ensure your new tile installation will last for the long run. Make sure the result is a flat, even surface to create an easy application process for the new tiles.

Step 3 Beginning to Install the Tiles

Now its time to prepare the surface for tile placement by mixing the thin-set mortar and putting water on the surface. Spread the thin-set mortar thoroughly by using the notched trowel and create a smooth, even surface. Before applying the mortar to the next area, it is important to consider what size tiles you are installing. Larger surface area tiles will take longer to set. If using small tiles you should be able to place large quantities at a time, but larger tiles will require setting a few at a time. On the side sections, it is important to keep an eye on the tiles as you place more because some tiles may begin to slide and get out of position. When this occurs, you simply need to slowly push that tile back into place. If it keeps sliding, apply some tape to keep them in place.

Step 4 Applying the Grout

Finally, you need to apply the grout after the tile has been set for at least one day. Fill the spaces between your new tiles with the grout or a pool plaster mix. Spread the grout or pool plaster mix evenly, and then remove any excess. Simply polish the tiles to complete your new tile installation.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned how to repair your pool tile, we hope you see the value in using quality tiles so you will never have to go through the physical strain of replacing them. Replace those old tiles the right way, with Fujiwa Tiles, and you will have quality materials to ensure your pool lasts for the long run. Locate a builder here.

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