The durability of fiberglass pools

If you are trying to decide on a swimming pool type and fiberglass is in the running, there is one standout quality you should be aware of. Fiberglass pools last practically FOREVER. Realistically speaking, a properly installed and properly maintained one will last for at least three decades. Why/how are fiberglass swimming pool so durable?

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fiberglass pools
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First off, we’re talking about fiberglass here. A very versatile and durable material. A pool shell made of fiberglass is basically impenetrable. The material is non-porous, meaning water cannot seep through the surface (a nice quality for a swimming pool wouldn’t you say?). While concrete pools require specific chemicals and consistent chemical application, fiberglass pools are not nearly as high maintenance. Plus, fiberglass pools are stain-resistant, meaning dirt, debris, or anything else will not stick to the surface.

Installation is key for fiberglass swimming pools. The pool shell itself will not be any issue; however, factors such as shifting, settling or leaking can affect the pool if it is not installed correctly. This is no different with fiberglass pools as it is with all other types of swimming pools. As long as the pool is installed in a sturdy manner to where natural ground movement will not move it, your pool will be in good shape.

Remember, fiberglass pools come pre-formed. They are created in completion at the manufacturing plant and transported to your home. Therefore, little can go wrong when installing a fiberglass pool. It’s a much easier and quicker process than building a concrete pool from scratch.


Now, back to maintenance. Maintenance for a fiberglass is nearly non-existent. Again, minimal chemicals are needed to maintain the pool type. The only thing you really need to concern yourself with is water chemistry. The fiberglass will have little impact on the water, though, water can have a mind of its own, especially given the many external factors such as constant sunlight and random bad weather it is exposed to.

You’ll want to monitor your pool’s PH, chlorine, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. Don’t let this overwhelm you as the monitoring is actually quite simple. All you have to do is acquire the basic tools to measure each of these water factors. The installation company you choose should have plenty of advice to offer in regards to this. Even so, checking the measurements once every week or two is all that is recommended to maintain the health of the pool.


Most manufacturers and installation companies are so confident in the durability of fiberglass pools that they will provide a lifetime warranty on the structure. Just speak directly with the company to determine exactly what the warranty covers.

Companies will offer lifetime warranties on structure; however, they will generally offer a reduced warranty on the fiberglass surface. Reason being, the gel coats are slightly more vulnerable than the structure. But you’ll typically still see warranties around 15 years for the surface, which is certainly acceptable.

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