Blending outdoor and indoor areas into a single setting enables swimming pool owners to select complementary materials. With the help of a professional, your tiles can help you connect a hardscape with a softscape, which includes flowers, plants, and foliage. Just like your tiled floors in the living room might extend outside to blend in as your pool, a skillfully tiled transition that ends up nicely into the water. Similarly, coordinating accessories around your swimming pool area to pick a color for your swimming pool tiles can help you bring forth a uniform design and setting. As always, design is established through subtle details.

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The most popular styles for swimming pools amongst homeowners are washing edge pools, beach entry, spa spillways, and complex water features. However, the type of tiles you use for your swimming pools also play a critical role in the final product. We have seen many homeowners being skeptical whether they need to select glass pool tiles or ceramic pool tiles. With the same in mind, our team from Fujiwa Tiles is here to give you some professional insight that may help you make an informed decision.

Glass tiles: For those who wish to have a dream-like finish

Glass has recently become the most popular choice for water line swimming pool tiles in the past years. Though it is the most expensive type of swimming pool tile, homeowners on a budget often opt for an alternative tile that offers a finish similar to glass. Moreover, glass tiles can be made using recycled materials. As a waterline tile, glass can help you complement the natural transparency of water. Its ability to quickly get molded into different shapes, creating abstract or pebble-like effects, is also a solid allure for people.

As professionals, we know that glass swimming pool tiles tend to come in numerous varieties. Mosaic glass tiles can help provide homeowners with a classical appearance and give them the advantage of covering any curved surfaces completely. Our professionals can help you create a beautiful color scheme within your swimming pool that looks like a painting by mixing different colors. Even though the optical quality of small-format glass swimming pool tiles is ideally low, surface reflections from your waterline can still look quite brilliant. You can even find glass pool tiles with an iridescent coating that shivers with changing light as the water flows over the waterline. Our team can provide you with high-quality swimming pool tiles that offer excellent optical shine, clarity, color, and depth.

The artistic look of a glass tile waterline gives you significantly more dynamic results than a traditional mosaic design. In all tiled swimming pools and spas, the look and feel of glass tiles is always a mesmerizing experience, and as step-markers and waterline tiles, the reflection offers a gem-like luster.

Porcelain pool tiles: Popular choice amongst homeowners

Porcelain swimming pool tiles remain the first choice for most swimming pool owners. After all, once you install porcelain swimming pool tiles, they are going to last you a lifetime while maintaining their appearance. Like glass, porcelain tiles are also waterproof, meaning they are less likely to allow water to seep and loosen the tiles. Below you will find a few considerations:

  • Porcelain tiles are soft to touch
  • It is much less expensive than glass
  • Porcelain is a rough and tough material that can resist scratches and stains
  • Installing porcelain swimming pool tiles is labor-intensive, which may add to the total cost
  • Porcelain tiles are heat resistant

Porcelain tiles are a fantastic option for swimming pool owners hoping to add a custom waterline accent without exceeding their budget.

Our team from Fujiwa Tiles can also come up with a design that features a mix of ceramic, glass, porcelain, and stone tiles since the assortment can help you create a surprisingly unified theme. The outcome will be a balance of color, texture, scale, and detail throughout the swimming pool. Your choices are endless. However, the most vital factor in selecting such a style is your designer’s skill and knowledge of materials.

Swimming pool tile installation

Each different type of swimming pool tile requires a specific installation technique and material. A professional must follow the manufacturer’s installation recommendations since the waterproofing and setting materials used for these styles vary a lot. A professional designer will be aware of such issues and will have the experience required to investigate the requirements associated with each material you are planning on using for the project.

Creating a cohesive and elegant indoor/outdoor living environment through redesigning or adding a swimming pool can be challenging yet rewarding. The overall scale and size of the area involved offer professionals a unique canvas to work on. Fortunately, you can find professional swimming pool designers who understand the possibilities and difficulties of the project at hand and will use the best techniques and materials available to come up with an actual work of art. When used efficiently in a design, swimming pool tiles can transform a pool into a moving artistic masterpiece.

Were you looking for high-quality swimming pool tiles? Fujiwa Tiles got you covered!

As you can now clearly see, there are no poor choices, but that does not mean it is easy for you to decide on your own. If you live anywhere in Dallas, feel free to contact our professionals from Fujiwa Tiles right away! Our team has all the experience and knowledge needed to help you make the best decision. Give us a call at 972-481-1988 or contact us online right away to get started on the project.

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