Pool tiles are very different from regular tiles that you might get for your bathroom or other spaces. These must be safe and durable for use in the swimming pool and must cater to the needs of an aquatic environment, temperature changes, and exposure to sunlight. Pool tiles are also explicitly manufactured to stand up to the chemicals of the swimming pool water. Moreover, pool tiles are skid, slip, and fade-proof. So it is essential to choose the right kind.

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Generally, a few common varieties, including glass, ceramic, natural stone, and porcelain, are ideal for swimming pools. But porcelain makes the most reliable and pleasing option for both pool and spa. Without a doubt, you can invest in textured porcelain tiles to create a contemporary or classic style and blend these with the surroundings.

What Makes Porcelain The Best Choice?

Porcelain pool tiles have been in use for decades. Even today, it stands to be the top choice for a lot of pool owners. Plus, it is one of the most predominant materials in the tile market. Porcelain offers superior quality, design versatility, affordability, and water resistance.

Once porcelain is affixed to your pool surface, it will last quite longer while maintaining the aesthetics of the pool. Being made up of high-fired clay makes the tile material tough to resist scratches, frost, and stains, but soft to touch without absorbing much heat. Moreover, it offers intricate patterns to enhance the overall look of the pool.

The choice is non-porous, which makes it less susceptible to water damage. Other varieties may loosen over time, and the water may start seeping in. However, porcelain is a dense material that is easy to install, least expensive, blends well with the surroundings, easy to maintain, and perfect for insides of the pool.

Today, you also get a mix of porcelain, glass, and ceramic, which surprisingly creates a centralized theme. So the choices with porcelain are limitless. With proper installation and aftercare, porcelain will withstand years of use.

How To Choose Suitable Porcelain Tiles?

When you are tile shopping, how can you ensure you get the best type of porcelain for your swimming pool? Not all porcelain tiles would fit your unique needs. So it is essential to keep the following factors in mind to pick the most suitable type:


This, of course, is the first and foremost determinant of what kind of tiles you would go for. Some pool tile dealers may offer you a cheap quote but remember the ultimate purpose of use. Going with superior products must be your priority. Intricate designs and exclusive colors are pricier than most commonly available, discounted pool tile options. So set your budget wisely and pick tiles accordingly. It always helps if you can keep a few thousand bucks extra as pool tiles are somewhat once in a lifetime investment, so why not pick the best.


Sizing ratios are the most crucial aspects to consider. Ideally, you must not select tiles larger than 100 mm, or else they lack in visual appeal, especially towards the curved end of the pool. Oversized tiles may also be more prone to early breaking and stability issues.


The colors and textures of pool tile is a personal decision. But you can always consult your pool and tile experts to guide you better on what is trendy yet timeless. As a general rule of thumb, lighter tone porcelain tiles add a calming appeal, making the pool appear larger while reflecting sun rays better. On the other hand, darker tines help produce dramatic visual effects in the pool – it transforms the entire ambiance of the pool area.

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The installation process of porcelain tile is as easy as fitting any other pool tiles. However, it is the work of an expert installer, so if the placement is incorrect, it will certainly cause future problems with the pool. Fitting pool tiles improperly makes them prone to cracking, seepage, instability, and more such disintegrations. Working with porcelain tiles is not at all challenging, and a pro can handle such tasks effortlessly.


Pool tile installation is a professional as well as an expensive job. For this reason, you must prefer investing in porcelain tiles where the supplier offers a lifetime guarantee. These guarantees must essentially cover color fading and other damages that may be prominent due to continuous water and sunlight exposure. So always ask about tile guarantees and choose wisely.


Before you finalize your options and begin with the installation process, make sure you know about the maintenance efforts that would be required for your chosen tiles. In the case of porcelain, these pool tiles require minimal maintenance, which makes it a worthwhile investment. It is impervious to fading, staining, vapors, liquids, discoloration, etc. Regular pool cleaning and chemical scheduling will help you keep the pool sparkling clean.

So with all these considerations in mind, you may be able to determine the best porcelain tiles for your swimming pool at a reasonable budget. You can get in touch with Fujiwa Tiles experts to know what kind of porcelain tiles would work best for your dream project.

Design Your Dream Pool With Fujiwa Tiles in Texas

The Fujiwa selection offers a comprehensive range of porcelain pool tiles with varying sizes, textures, colors, thickness, as well as solutions. If you choose from our range and services, be rest assured, we can help you maintain a precise balance between aesthetics and performance. You can easily find all that you need to transform that old-looking drab pool into a fab looking, high performing pool. Fujiwa Tiles is your one stop shop to change your dreams into a reality!

From basic to exquisite – we are a leading supplier of the best in class pool and spa tiles in Texas. Call us today at (714) 738-6011 to get a quote or enquire about our collection so you can make an informed purchase decision. You can also fill in this contact form, and Fujiwa Tiles representatives will get back to you with an appropriate solution for your needs.

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