Best fiberglass pool shapes

So, you’ve decided to get a fiberglass pool. One big decision has been made, now you just have to decide which type of fiberglass pool to get. Fiberglass pool shapes include freeform, kidney, rectangular, and roman. We’ll explain the differences and hopefully you can pinpoint which is best for your backyard vision.


fiberglass pool shapes
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Freeform pools are shaped in a curvy, non-linear form. It’s a loosely-named pool type as there is not a standard or designated version of freeform pools. Moreover, each freeform pool is manufactured per a company’s design and shipped to each customer’s home. You’ll find them in sizes no more than 40 feet in length and 16 feet in width. Ultimately, freeform pools are very attractive due to their wavy, unassuming appearance. One will give you exterior design flexibility and offer a backyard an inviting look.


A kidney-type fiberglass pool is coincidentally shaped like a kidney. It will generally be the smallest swimming pool option of the four. Essentially, kidney pools are variation of freeform pools, only held to a specific shape. The curvy form exudes a very chill, natural appeal. Beyond its shape and overall look, there is not a whole lot that is unique about kidney fiberglass pools.


Here is one you are most certainly familiar with. Rectangle pools are among the most common of swimming pools used. You’ll often see them at recreation centers and apartment complexes. Though, a lot of homeowners opt for the linear option in their backyard. Rectangular pools work best for people who use swimming as an exercise, swimming laps as an example. They also come in larger sizes than most freeform or kidney pools.


Roman fiberglass pools are a combination of freeform and rectangular, if you will. Reason being, the lengthy edges of roman pools are linear, while the wide edges are arch-shaped. The idea is to give the pool more character and uniqueness. Many roman pools will consist of a tanning ledge to make up one arch end. Tanning ledges are perfect for this type of a pool because the arch is generally big enough to fit multiple people from head to toe if lying down. Bench seats can line up with the other arch end. Suddenly, you have yourself a very comforting pool that allows room for swimming, sitting and tanning.

Again, fiberglass pools come pre-formed. Not just freeform fiberglass, but all fiberglass pool shapes. Their designs cannot be customized; therefore, it is essential that you are 100% in love with the shape before having it brought to and installed in your backyard. You’ll be blown away by the ease of maintenance for fiberglass pools and their overall durability.

Once you decide on a single fiberglass pool, you’ll probably want to install pool tiling. Fujiwa Tiles offers over 100 different pool tile designs, each created for style and strength. Complete the look of your fiberglass pool with a satisfying tile design. Contact Fujiwa Tiles today! Also, please visit our blog for additional helpful information regarding swimming pools and tiles.

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