The tiles of your swimming pool add an artistic ambiance to the overall look and feel of your pool. Since choosing the right pool tile is not as easy as it looks, you too can achieve the perfect look if you consider the things mentioned below.

The purpose

The first thing you need to do is define the purpose of your home’s swimming pool. Are recreation activities your primary concern? Are you planning on entertaining friends and colleagues? Or is it just a luxury that you want to have in your home?

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Whatever your reason is, think about it before you go ahead and start selecting your swimming pool tiles. By deciding on the purpose of your pool, you can place your mindset in a better position to choose a shape, design, and texture that matches your vision perfectly.


Landscaping is an excellent way for you to achieve the perfect aesthetics for your property. The swimming pool tiles you choose will have a significant impact on your home’s landscape features.

You need to think hard about the color, shapes, and texture of pool tiles that will add to the overall aesthetics of your surroundings. You can choose to go with a color that compliments your house or contrasts with your swimming pool’s environment.

Long-term maintenance

It would be best if you kept the long-term maintenance costs in mind when selecting your swimming pool tiles. If you lead a busy life, you may want to get something that does not require a lot of maintenance throughout the year.

Maintenance includes but is not limited to the material of your pool tiles. The size of your pool tiles also plays a critical role in its overall care. Larger tiles are ideally easier to clean when compared to their smaller counterparts.

Pay attention to the total cost.

Your budget plays a critical role in planning and purchasing swimming pool tiles. The reason for this is the fact that the total cost of your swimming pool tiling project can go more than your expectations in many cases.

This is why if the area of your swimming pool is large, you will have to pay more attention to the total expense. Planning the budget before starting your project will be significantly beneficial; otherwise, you will surely end up investing extra on tiles.

With endless material and design options available in the market, it’s not a surprise if you get confused about what type suits your swimming pool the best. Therefore, someone may mislead you into spending extra money out of your pocket.

When you have a budget to meet, your primary focus lies on the material’s durability and not just the design or color. If you get durable tiles, your swimming pool looks will last longer.

Safety should be your number one priority.

It is evident for you to get inclined towards the best-looking design and popular trendy styles, but you need to remember that safety should always be a priority.

Selecting a design that stands out visually is good, but you should do it only if those tiles also assure your safety. Visual looks of a swimming pool tile provide you with a short-term fulfillment.

If you are genuinely concerned about your family’s safety, you need to go for a slip-resistant and safe tile. Great-looking tiles are often slippery and may cause you long-term issues.

Swimming pool tiles do more than just enhance the look of your pool; they also give you a much safer surface than the cement used to make your swimming pool.

Cement can harm your skin and cause scrapes, plus it can also act differently during intense weather conditions even if your pool is temperature-controlled since it may hold cold or heat.

When selecting tiles for your swimming pool, you should consider the color and design, but the material itself is also essential.

Stone tiles offer you a slip-resistant surface.

Most swimming pool owners look to get a natural look and feel in their swimming pool. If you are one of them, you need to remember that you can only achieve a perfectly natural look if your swimming pool tiles are made of stone.

Besides adding aesthetic value to your natural-looking swimming pool, they will also give you a slip-resistant and safe surface to walk on. Stone tile will offer an antique look and feel, which most themed hotels crave to achieve.

Pool tiles made from stone are a perfect option to go for if you care about your loved one’s or client’s safety. The fact that stone tiles offer you slip resistance makes them the number one choice. Granite, sandstone, and limestones are a few options you can find swimming pool tiles in.

Porcelain tiles

Another option you can consider is getting porcelain tiles installed since they are much more affordable than glass tiles.

Not only do they fit your budget, but these tiles will also provide you a safe surface that is less slippery than glass tiles. These tiles are not just installed inside the swimming pool; you can even have them installed around the pool.

Since these tiles do not absorb heat, they can prove to be a great choice if you live in a hot and tropical area, but they may also become cool if your swimming pool is not heated. The material itself is lightweight and much easier to install than other tiles, making it the most affordable choice.

Slate tiles

Slate tiles are known to conduct heat, so it might not be best for tropical regions, but they can keep your swimming pool hot for cold areas even if it is not heated.

Slate tends to have a pitted and grooved surface, unlike glass tiles which means that they will offer you better safety inside and around the pool.

Nevertheless, slate is a heavy material which makes it difficult to install, and the material itself can be a little expensive overall. You need to properly plan your budget if you are thinking about getting slate tiles installed, particularly if you wish to tile around the pool area as well.

Glass pool tiles

If you are looking for something that can add a little luxury to your swimming pool, then glass tiles are perfect for you. The dazzling and shimmery nature of glass adds fantastic opulence to the swimming pool.

This is why glass pool tiles instantly make your pool look luxurious. The only setback of having a glass pool tile is that they often come with a hefty price tag and tend to be slippery.

No matter what type of tiles you end up buying for your swimming pool, make sure that they are easy to clean as well.

Our team from Fujiwa Tiles suggests you get large size tiles since they often require less maintenance and can be cleaned easily. Keep in mind that your pool tile can define the enthusiastic side of your pool, so ensure you make a wise decision.

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